Take That: August 30, 2011


Take That: August 30, 2011

IN RESPONSE TO: A Brick has an IQ of ZERO

“Putting the Aces or the Eagles in a new arena will not do a darn thing for the team. Athletic excellence is all about talent that neither of these teams seems to be able to attract in recent history.
As for entertainment, 11,000 seats will attract only what 11,000 seats will attract. We just dropped $200M to move 200 jobs from Boeke to Main with no new features. Pretty yes! Adding value? He!! No.”
The Architect

“ Both the Aces & Icemen will have the same teams as before. We are told we will be getting performing artists which Boeke Rd. could never have attracted, but we will stay tuned on that. As I’ve commented several times before, we need to make capital spending choices based on the guidance of many consulting groups which have pointed out Evansville’s infrastructure problems. None of these studies said we lacked an entertainment venue. So the taxpayers pay for all of these studies, and then the local government people ignore the advice.” Beerguy

“When someone that is new that has not played at Roberts multiple times comes to the Ford Center that normally plays at places at 20,000 seat forums we can be impressed. Bob Seger would sell just as much at Roberts as he will at the new arena and he does not travel with a spaceship full of speakers. Bring in Metallica with their stage set up and we have done something. There are only a few acts period that can not play Roberts because of stage gear.” Trainwreck

In Response to: How Baltimore is Killing itself with Poor Public Policy

“During the Vietnam War someone once said that in order for us to save a village we had to destroy it. This wag must be the same clown who destroyed Baltimore. I suppose running a shriveled hulk of a town is better than thriving in a prosperous city run by Republican politicians and Tea Party activists…” Dr.JohnNot theNightTripper

“Mr. Mayor,
How atrocious is our CVB and arena booking agent… if we can’t out bid Baltimore’s events, WITH ACTIVE ROOF LEAKS?
Just goes to prove how ridiculous some of our, “if you build it, they will come” hopes and dreams…”

IN RESPONSE TO: Misleading Headlines

“Putting a “Positive Spin” on headlines then burying the truth in the detail of the article is very commonplace, some people can’t handle the truth, and then there are those that never want to see anything negative on a given topic. Burying your head in the sand is a good analogy for how news is reported and how facts are looked upon, it’s almost like if we don’t discuss the messy details they don’t exist or they are not true. Truth is there is real trouble brewing all over this country even right here in our home town, putting a positive spin on a topic doesn’t change anything but the public perception, then when the truth does finally surface the public feels that they have been lied to.” Blanger

“Lake Evansville where all the Men are good looking, Women are strong and the kids above average.” IG


  1. Blanger:

    It is hard to put a positive spin on this:


    But the C&P tried:

    But some in EVSC still are struggling

    Some? How about only 8 out of 40 making Adequate Yearly Progress? How about 11 out of 40 on academic probation?

    Obviously the local newspaper does not view this as alarming.


    • Quit worrying..Plaza Park is now an International Prep Academy. I am sure that D will be an A with just the name change.

      Kind of reminds me of Jethro being an International Double Not Spy.

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