Take That: August 11, 2011


Take That: August 11, 2011

IN RESPONSE TO: Vetting the Hotel Developers

“But the reason a week isn’t enough isn’t the numbers side–it’s the qualitative side. Any firm worth their salt would want to go out and interview the stakeholders in these two developers prior projects, not the least of which would be to kick the bricks. If they can’t find out how these developers did in the construction phase, and whether they’re making dough from the operations now, they’re not qualified to provide a recommendation. They’d want to do full background checks on the principals from each company. They would want to interview each company’s current and former bankers and bonding companies. One week doesn’t cut it under any scenario. Only Big Al’s Pawn Shop, Bail Bonds & Vetting Services could get it done in just one week ! Lastly, in my opinion, if there is a recommendation made in one week, then the fix is in; and whichever guy lost the deal was the strawman.” Alefellow

“The ERC had to vote in a public meeting to hire London Witte. If the ERC didn’t vote in a public meeting, Mr. Kish may be on an unintended and unpaid vacation in Indy.” Joe Biden

“That is the same as the ECVB deciding to sack Marilee Fowler outside of a public meeting. Wasn’t legal then, isn’t legal now.” Yusef

“Okay, here it is! The meeting on Friday is to select a developer……..that developer is ..The Kunkel Group! Remember where you heard it first!” Jack

IN RESPONSE TO: The City Loan Funds

“Can anyone explain why the City of Evansville’s own 2009 audit shows the City is subsidizing Kunkle Group with a $310,000 0% interest “loan” with no annual payments? Can anyone explain why Mayoral candidates Mr. Davis and Mr. Winnecke are silent on these issues? Do they have a gentleman’s agreement that neither will actively run for office by commenting on any of the City’s many current financial debacles?” TenBears

“check out the Kunkel Group second from the bottom. $ 310,000 loan in 2006 at 0 % interest, and a dash ( – ) in the ‘Annual Payment’ column. It’s not a loan if there is no Annual Payment–it’s a gift ! The vetters for the Hotel need to take a look at this matter to ensure that there is a valid reason for these “loan terms” or to determine if there were inside favors granted which might preclude Kunkel’s selection in the Hotel scurmish.” Yusef

“One wonders, Do these people sit up at night , worshiping the Devil and figuring out a way to scam their brothers and sisters out of that “All Mighty” dollar? It’s hard to reach any other conclusion,—except that they are Evil People.” Crashlarue

“Isn’t true that a zero percent loan is taxable income to the recipient?” Iam4IU

“ Disgraceful urban planning AND a disgraceful loan combined. Look at the bright side: we’ve only had it on the books for 29 years ! I believe in 1982 the prime was around 18 % and Citizens got a 2 % Loan ? They probably borrowed more than they needed on the building at 2 % and then turned around and loaned it out at 18 % +. Super Susie would frown at these revelations. Thankfully, the taxpayers are A-OK with it !” Franklin Mint