Susan Kirk Repudiates Mailer about Rick Davis


I want to address the issue concerning the mailer sent out about Rick Davis. I had no knowledge of it, do not endorse or approve it. I am a positive person and do not believe in negativity. It is also public knowledge that I am against reorganization. I work full time as your Clerk, do my job and do what’s right.


  1. Right Susan.

    I bet when you recently hired the 4th ward preacher daughter to work in your office that wasn’t political either.

  2. if you were doing your job how did the schoolboard candidate run and serve while living in the wrong district?

  3. Classy. I like both of these candidates. Susan is right to repudiate this mailer.

    • Agreed, classy and prompt response from Ms. Kirk. Mr. Davis and his supporters had to know that Ms. Kirk would never send such a negative mailer. She is far too decent and honorable. This is like the tactics the Weinzapfel gang and Central Committee did to Mr. Davis in the last Mayor’s race.

  4. I do believe she has the right to repudiate the mailer, bt she also made the claim she was doing her job. Time for Suzy to retire.

    • Retire? Ms.Kirk is an excellent public servant. Have you ever seen her name connected to drama or controversy, unlike a few others. She shows up to work every day and puts in her time, does her job and is always available to the public in her office unlike more than one elected county officeholder. If you are elected by the taxpayers you should be working at least as much as the average joe that put you there. It would be nice to see a report of how often some of these “servants of the people” put in their “9 to 5.”

  5. Susie is a classy individual and well respected but Rick Davis has done an outstanding job as Treasurer and deserves another term. Reward efficiency, honesty and integrity. Vote for Rick.

    • Honestly, I’d like to see Susan Kirk run against Lloyd Winnecke in the Primary for Mayor in 3 years.

  6. I am so sure that Wayne Parke would not check in with Susan before pulling a stunt like this which could backfire on her. It strains credibility to believe that is the case.

    That would have to be the most bone-headed act Parke has pulled to date.

    You guys did it. Now live with the consequences.


    • I doubt it. I think the attack was less about the Treasurer race and more about the Consolidation issue.

      Mrs. Kirk has been anti-Consolidation from the outset. She would not have approved of this move. I think this is overzealous bumbling from within the local Party, possibly at the direction and with the financial support of the State Republican Party.

      • You are correct that Ms. Kirk has long been against consolidation. She just didn’t make it the main issue in the Clerk’s race. I’ll be shocked if the YES supporters at Vectren and old Weinzapfel supporters we not ultimately behind the attack mailer against Rick Davis. It’s too bad Ms Kirk and Mr. Davis are running for the same office. They have both shown class and run clean campaigns.

  7. There must be something very special about Rick Davis that the local Republican Party would go to such great lengths to try and damage his reputation. Or his he too effective at sharing the anti-reorganization message.

    • Word from the debate tonight is that Davis thrashed Winnecke like a two year old on consolidation. It’s a shame he didn’t have his game on this well in the Mayoral debates last year. The darn YES folks paid good money for this mailer that Susie Kirk renounced today. Their arrogant butts are getting ready for the same kind of ass whipping that Davis put on Winnecke tonight.

  8. to “A Little Truth Please”
    Rick Davis is something special. That is why the dem/repubs jumped all over him.
    My God; an honest and a nice guy.

  9. My gosh. I just watched the debate on DVR. (Yeah. I’m a geek. I recorded it).
    I never knew meek and mild Beaver Cleaver Rick Davis had it in him.
    He was !en feugo! (On Fire!) — Man did he ever put a beat down on everybody in his wake tonight!
    Rick Davis totally dominated that debate from start to finish and made the mayor look like a chump. I never was voting yes but if anybody watched the debate tonight nobody and I mean nobody would vote for consolidation.
    I haven’t seen the mudslinging advertisement from the repubs but it must be a humdinger because it’s clearly gotten Mr. Davis fired up. I think the repubs have awakened a sleeping giant!
    I for one like this new look from Davis. Loved the Ross Perot reference!

    • When will WNIN re-run the Unification debate? Had to work late and forgot to set my DVR.

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