chris-cookeIS IT TRUE that today we were sent a copy of a Facebook post that was allegedly written by the Superintendent Of Evansville Cemeteries Chris Cooke?  …we find it hard to believe that a Department Head  of the City of Evansville would ever make a public posting on Facebook stating that a City Council person was a “FRAUD”?   …we feel that this type of insulting public posting by a key department head of this city puts the Mayor and his staff in a negative light with City Council members and public alike?  …that we hereby attach a copy of the Facebook posting credited to Chris Cooke for your review and comments?  …this posting has been on Mr. Cooke’s Facebook site for 10 hours today?


*Disclaimer, I have bitten my tongue long enough and write these words as a man from my personal computer based upon my personal feelings….
When I was put on trial in John Friend’s committee hearing back at the end of October 2013, he made the statement in a public forum that he would show up at my work place. Here it is the first week of February of 2014 and I have not heard a peep out of him and am still waiting for him to show up. One would think that after the 45 minute “show trial” that he and his gang put me though, he would be a man and pick up the phone to call, let alone show up when he said he would to a tour and “FREE” Cook-Out held at my personal expense to see the problems in which I was drug down to be ambushed upon first hand. If that is not negative leadership than I don’t know what would be. Personally, I have a better chance of walking on the Ohio River than this “Fraud” does as becoming Mayor.
When his minions see this post and report back to him I have no doubt that my phone will ring or he will show up. Behind the gates of my work place, I am a professional and will grant him that. However, outside of the walls of my job, I will do everything in my power to see that he never holds an elected office in this town again based upon what he and his thugs tried to do to me. If an “internationally respected and awarded” supervisor is treated like he and this crew did to me, than I can only wonder how he handles others on a daily basis. 2015 can’t get here soon enough so he and several others can be shown the door!



  1. Yawn.

    This clown is supposed to a Dem precint committeman.

    Chris, please run to the republican party where you will be welcomed with open arms. You truly deserve each other.

    • The republican party had him once and gave him to the democrats and we do not want him back!!

  2. If this posting is true I feel Mr. Cooke should be fired. First it was the Mayors Chief Of Staff that publicly insulted City Council Attorney Scott Danks and now this Cooke guy publicly insults Mr. Friend. Who is in charge of this city,the Mayor or his employees?

    • What a joke! It reminds me of a 13 year old teenage girl out for revenge, turning bully and posting to her BFF girlfriends. He has stewed over this since October and can’t hold his threats in any longer…lol, omg, w/e! He even knew the “minions” would make his ridiculous rant public and did it anyway! He sounds sadly and very unprofessional besides petty. It’s embarrassing that we have people on the payroll like this! He should be released.

  3. Hey KnowNothing please go to Cooke Facebook site and see his posting and you shall see for yourself “Is It True” isn’t gossip.

  4. It does sound bad..Doesn’t Mr Cooke have freedom of speech? Why would a person be fired for posting something on his facebook page. Now Mr Cooke could say that he was hacked or some other person posted the comment and not him. Of course he should have erased the post once he discovered it. But it is a good point.. If Mr Friend promised to come to the cementary and he has not shouldn’t he be held to an acoountablity for his words? or is this a hold bunch of nothings and not worry about it??

    • It’s not the freedom of speech that is at issue here. It’s the fact that words like fraud and thugs were used. As bad as Winnecke has been I can’t imagine even he would stand behind that kind of rhetoric. This was a completely unprofessional statement made by Mr. Cooke that should not be tolerated by our city officials.

    • Sources indicate that Mr. Friend emailed his regrets due to scheduling conflicts with his practice. Be on notice, don’t stand-up Mr. Cook or you will be slandered. What a joke. Maybe Mr. Cook would not have been a target if his comment about the council meeting where the Rev. Adrian Brooks and the church members came before Cnnnie Robinson and, as a result, Mr. Cook’s alleged comment that he thought it to be a re-run of the “Planet of the Ages” And, of course this beget administration puts up with this “Jim Crow” mentality. Of Course, Winnecke shows up at the African-Amercian minister’s meeting, the hypocrite that he is, pandering to those ministers, while, behind closed doors, tolerates the lilies of Cook. Cook needs to go!!!

    • Mr. Cooke does have freedom of speech, but he is also responsible for any consequences resulting from exercising that right.

      I have the right to call my boss a SOB, but he can fire me for my action. He can also sue me for libel and/slander.

  5. This is not only shameful , out of line but totally unprofessional. Mr. Cooke needs to go.

  6. An “internationally respected and awarded” supervisor? You’ve got to be kidding me right?

    • I don’t know who he is referring to that would have any international recognition. I believe the CCO posted last year that Mr. Cooke went to a National Cemeteries Trade Association seminars classes for several years but I’m not sure how that can bring about any international fame or recognition. The whole comment from top to bottom seems odd in nature. It’ll be interesting to see how Mayor Lloyd Winnecke addresses this.

    • Chris Cooke thinks trade association seminar classes gives him international respectability? What is this guy smoking?

      • Maybe I worked in the Mental Health field too long, but it sounds to me like somebody may need some time off work to de-stress. Maybe a less stressful position would be more suitable for Mr. Cooke?

    • An “internationally respected and awarded” supervisor = delusions of grandeur. Mr. Cooke is begging to be shown the door.

  7. I’m disappointed in you Chris. I thought you were the young man we needed to fix what’s wrong with our city. I thought you were above these type of politics. You’ve let me down young man.

    • He is and always has been what’s WRONG with this city. He jumps from one party to another – whomever is in power – like a parasite living off of a different host.

  8. Sounds like Mr. Cooke is calling out Friend for Political Posturing. Political Posturing by a Politician? What’s the World coming to? Call ’em like you see them Mr. Cooke, it is a free country, but I would suggest you look for another job as evidently being a “good soldier” is not your forte..

  9. He might have a point about Friend not coming down if he said he would, yet the way this is worded is totally unprofessional and it totally takes away from his point. how is Friend supposed to come down now after this public strop and being called a fraud? That’s one of the things you are supposed to understand if you’re in a public office, everything you say and do can reflect on the office and can hinder the relationships necessary for doing that job effectively. Either Mr Cooke should pursue a private sector position or refrain from drunk posting on Facebook using bad grammar.

    • Mr Cooke has never successfully held a position in the private sector. If it wasn’t for Missy Mosby and his backstabbing Rick Davis, he’d still be unemployed today

      • A person who has retired from the military after 30 years of service may have never held a job in the ‘private sector’, either.

        I get what you’re saying, but holding a ‘private sector’ job neither qualifies you nor disqualifies you from serving in the government.

        Perhaps you meant to say he has never successfully held a position which he wasn’t appointed to by a friend or political ally?

  10. I think Chris needs the to be more concerned about is present than Friends future.he also needs to distance himself from his close friends Missy Mosby and Jon Weaver, the two are teaching him the wrong way to get publicity.

    • The Fraud is the absurd statements from Cook. This man is a disgrace to the Citizens of this community. He allows the contractual service providers of the cemeteries to run into the tombstones, destroying the markers, and does nothing about their irresponsible actions. Mr. cook, you are ridiculous and the fraud. Our Cemeteries are amuck and you, sir , are the one in charge!!

  11. Wow, what horrible grammar and writing skills. It really reflects his level of intelligence. Or lack thereof.
    Is this guy 12 years old? I’m so embarrassed for him. He has no business holding public office. What a joke.

    • Agreed. Forget R or D. Evansville politics are just 2 competing good ole boy networks.

      We should probably clean house of all of them next election and end all this partisan petty crap.

  12. Chris threw another hissy fit and resigned as second ward leader after Connie Robinson criticized him last time around. Rob Owens needs to remove him as precinct committeeman now. and unless he has blocked me, which is possible, he has dropped his facebook page and started a new one listing former employment with the police dept. Did Winnecke fire him already?

  13. Poor Chris Cooke-has ever been a wannabe-nevahgonnabe having to play both sides, just to get a play-on-your-internet-all-day appointed job (I should be a rappper, eh?). John Friend is probably raging in his shower, getting ready for his busy, busy day in the tax season-and thunks his head (oh I SO SHOULD have gone to Chris Cooke’s weinie roast in the cemetery! Why oh WHY did I not?) Chris Cooke has gotten too big for his britches (bad pun) is quite arrogant(better), all tucked in and cozy in Mayor Winnecke’s minion bumcrack (Chris has loads of comrades) and will, no doubt, soon find himself on that cold hard curb.
    Oh,and LOTS of people get fired for being sleazy on the internet.

    • LOL! Exactly.

      However, I wouldn’t want people fired for FB posts, even Chris Cooke. The buzz is that Mr. Cooke’s performance as superintendent of cemetaries has been less than stellar, to say the least. If true he should be let go for that.

      • The cemeteries look like the crap houses on the south side and this Cooke dude is doing an end zone dance about how good he is and calling an city council member a fraud? Who’s the fraud in this scenario? A Mayor with even half a ball would fire his fat ass for such ignorance.

  14. Is this one of the “Democrat traitors?” If so, I’m not surprised. Yes he has freedom of speech. We all do. But “slander” is not protected by free speech. Sounds to me like he drank a little too much during the Super Bowl and posted this sometime during the boring rout. What an idiot. Do I feel better going to bed at night knowing he’s making a living off of my tax dollars? Haha! Hell no!!

  15. Great minds discuss ideas;
    Average minds discuss events;
    Small minds discuss people.

    – Eleanor Roosevelt

  16. Well this means more than likely that all of the leftover Weinzapfel minions are on their last legs.
    They had 8 years more or less under Weinzapfel – and needed two more years to be vested in their public pensions that you and I pay for. Winnecke took office in 2012 – so as of Jan. 1 of 2014, most all of those Democrat traitor folks are now vested in their pensions.
    So watch as they either resign or get fired from the Winnecke administration. Both ends of the deal have been solidified – step 1, backstab Davis. Step 2, get 2 more years in to be vested. Step 3, Winnecke replaces them with people he can TRUST – because he can’t TRUST these people AT ALL!

    • That is true and he pays for it with personal funds. The cemeteries under Mr. Cooke on the other hand spend tax dollars to advertise in the Courier and Press. Just saying…

      • Wouldn’t a public cemetery advertising with taxpayer dollars constitute competition with the privately owned cemeteries? At this rate the City of Evansville will be in the cemetery business, the hotel business, the tax abatement handout to their cronies business, and what else. Is this the USSR? Why would any private business want to locate here?

      • I see, it makes sense to me now why you would publish his facebook post.

        The Courier and Press is the only printed newspaper in the area right?

        • No, “Our Times” and “News4U” are in print. The CCO is the only exclusively online publication.

          • Never heard of “Our Times” until now and News 4U is hardly a newspaper. IF Missy Mosby advertised on this site would CCO still troll her?

            • Missy advertised here in 2011 along with nearly every other candidate for office. The ads do not impact what we write. We do not troll Missy or anyone else. Do you even know what a troll is?

  17. Anotheriocal please stay on message. Didn’t the CCO post state that Mr. Cooke Facebook post was sent to them. So they didn’t troll as you suggest. Why don’t you address the real issue of this IIT by attacking the insulting and unprofessional statements made by public employee Chris Cooke in his hateful Facebook post.

  18. Sounds like the result of a pent up festering dislike of John Friend. What does Digger want? A phone call, a visit, a visitation? More international respect and awards? A plaque attesting to his international fame? A zombie apocalypse?

    The reason(s) for public meltdowns of officials are often hard to pin down. This one could simply be due to a sense of rejection, waiting by the phone for a call from Mr. Friend that didn’t come. Could be some residual feeling of having been put on trial by John Friend when there is no record of any such trial occurring. Occasionally tough questions come with the public paycheck. Not often enough.

    All will soon be well. Phone calls will be made. Apologies, with aspects both contrived and true, will be issued. It will soon go away as outbursts from minor political functionaries generally do.

  19. facebook….lolllllll……a bunch of so called adults with a elementary mentality running the city for years……..what can possibly go wrong………..everything…….

  20. It’s nearly 1 pm and not a word from Winnecke about this? How disrespectful to John Friend. Has Cooke at least taken the post down? It seems city officials are never held accountable by this mayor for their actions.

  21. So if I understand this right, he’s mad because Friend didn’t come to his party, and he feels shunned by the popular crowd, and he’s is fighting back by slandering Friend on Facebook.

    Chris Cook is a 15 year old girl.

    There better be some consequences for this behavior. As a taxpayer, I don’t want this clown on the public dole anymore.

  22. Della may have made the post while Cris was in the tollie thkin’ a doodie. Is his 10 yrs. in ? He and internationaly known and respected accouant Jenny can get a federal job. I bet the offer from Gettysburg and Arlington swayed his opinion to snap.

  23. I have seen this guy on the job,and that is saying I have been there a number of times, he isn’t there but about half the hours he’s paid for.He is an embarisment as a rep for Eville. Sitting in a truck eating doughnuts is a very hard job Cooke.You may be good at that and have reason to be proud. Not just anyone could pull down that kind of income doing that for as long as you have.

  24. North Korea has need for an “internationally respected and awarded” supervisor of Cemeteries.

  25. I’ve know Chris and I think his heart is in the right place. I just think his has aligned himself with the wrong people (Mosby and Weaver) and they along with themselves have somehow lead themselves to believe that they are far more important than their reality.

    Get over yourself…….

    Wonder why fella never chimes in here?

  26. Why haven’t we heard from Parke on this? He’s always been the first to tell us how wrong we always are. Not a word today? If Cooke isn’t asked to step down by Winnecke what faith should any of us have in him?

  27. Word at the Civic Center is that the majority of city council members are calling for the Mayor to fire “Digger” Cooke.

  28. I don’t understand how Winnecke could claim he could still trust Cooke after he let Sherman Greer go. I know the situations are different but it just doesn’t seem right to me.

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