Summer Reading Program Finale Foam Party in the Park


Join us at Willard Public Library’s Summer Reading Program Finale on August 5, 2023, at 2pm in Willard Park for an unforgettable celebration to wrap up the summer! As we bid farewell to the season, we invite children of all ages to participate in grand prize drawings tailored to their age groups.

Immerse yourself in excitement as we announce the lucky winners of fantastic prizes, making this a truly thrilling event for all participants. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Prepare to get wet and wild as we turn up the excitement with a sensational foam party.

Parents, be sure to bring a towel for your kids as they dive into the foamy frenzy of fun. This high-energy event promises to leave your children with delightful memories and a sense of accomplishment for their summer reading achievements.

Don’t miss out on the grand finale of Willard Public Library’s Summer Reading Program. Join us in Willard Park on August 5th at 2pm for an epic celebration that will cap off the summer in style!