Struggle Over Stolen Handgun Leads to Shooting and Arrest



Last night, around 8:00 p.m., officers initiated a traffic stop near the intersection of Harlan Avenue and

Olive Street. After making initial contact with both the driver and the front seat passenger, officers instructed

both occupants out of the vehicle. Once the passenger, later identified as Michael D. Johnson (18), stepped out

of the vehicle and officers began to make physical contact with him, a firearm on his person discharged. It is

unknown at this time who caused the firearm to go off. Almost immediately after the shot was fired, officers

were unsure if they were struck by the bullet or if Johnson was. It was determined Johnson was struck in the

arm. A tourniquet was applied by officers, and he was transported to the hospital as a result of the shooting.

Due to the uncertain nature of how the weapon discharged, the scene and officers involved were treated

as if the incident was an officer involved shooting, as a precautionary, though no officers discharged their own

service weapon. During the investigation the handgun was found to be reported stolen. Johnson received

treatment and was released from the hospital early this morning. He was booked in for the following three


1) Criminal Recklessness with a Deadly Weapon

2) Resisting Law Enforcement

3) Theft (Possession of a Stolen Handgun)

No officers were injured, due to the negligence of Johnson having a stolen unsecured firearm on his person.

The driver of the vehicle was briefly detained last night, interviewed by the Adult Investigations Unit and

released. This is still an active investigation.