Steve Hammer Officially Files for Vanderburgh County Commissioner


Yesterday, restaurant owner and real estate investor Steve Hammer officially filed as a candidate for Vanderburgh County Commissioner Thursday.

Hammer said the idea started four months ago when political and business leaders asked him to run.

His campaign focuses on being business friendly, creating more tax income for the county, and creating wealth in the private sector.

The first-time candidate is excited to take this symbolic step.

The District 2 seat is currently held by Bruce Ungethiem.

Mr. Hammer told the many supporters that attended his official announcement that as a first time candidate, it’s humbling and gratifying to see friends standing with you.

Almost four months ago, a group of Evansville business and political leaders asked me to consider running for this seat. It’s a soul searching endeavor to decide to subject yourself to public scrutiny, and one I don’t take lightly. If I wasn’t the right person for the job, we all wouldn’t be standing here today.

As a real estate investor and restaurateur in our community, I’ve been fortunate to have a successful career in the private sector. I’m prepared to devote my skills and experience to better our County in the public sector.

Here are three things I will do…

Make government business friendly. Economic growth creates more tax income for government in the public sector and more jobs and wealth in the private sector. They go hand in hand. Make it easy to do business in our community and everyone wins. It’s that simple.

Surround yourself with talented people. I will appoint the correct and appropriate men and women to our community boards and commissions, people who want to serve the community, not themselves.

Be conscientious in your decision making. I will find creative and innovative solutions to our problems and make responsible business-like financial decisions

That is what business people like me do every day and that is what government should be doing more of. I’m committed to our community, I care about my fellow citizens and I’m the most capable candidate for this office and we need more of us in public service.

Thank you all for your time.