Steve Ary Announces His Candidacy To Run For Mayor Of Evansville


Steve Ary Announces His Candidacy For Mayor Of Evansville In The 2019 General Election

Ary is a Constitutional Conservative running as an Independent, and he believes that the city of Evansville needs to replicate the State of Indiana’s outstanding financial stewardship to get Evansville out of the red and into the black.

He has a twenty-two year history of successfully working in and managing national retail chains and local businesses, managing profit and loss, decreasing spending while increasing revenue. He is innovative and solution-oriented. He is a pastor at CityGate Indiana, a non-denominational church located at 1511 N. Royal Ave. on the East Side of Evansville.

Using his strategic budgeting analysis and procedures, he has turned money-losing businesses and churches around from running in the red to running in the black.

Ary plans to tackle important Evansville issues such as:

  1. Unnecessary government spending
  2. Affordable housing
  3. Gang violence
  4. Drug activity
  5. Homelessness
  6. The pedestrian bridge at Hwy 41 and Washington Ave.
  7. Energy independence
  8. Ending local cronyism and corruption
  9. Pay-to-play in professional service contracts
  10. School bullying
  11. Urban blight and abandoned houses
  12. Real code enforcement
  13. Clean neighborhoods and public safety
  14. Alleys, local flooding, and watershed
  15. Abandoned neighborhoods

Steve Ary believes that after eight years of elitist Lloyd Winnecke politics, the forgotten men, women and children of Evansville deserve better than the current physical and financial condition of our city, and that the people of Evansville deserve the “real choice” this election.

For more information, to sign petitions, or to donate, please contact the Committee to Elect Steve Ary at: or call him at 812.549.0885.


  1. I think we may have a real race this time around. I’ll vote for abw=anybody but Winnecke. Winnecke has had a free ride. His free spending and long term debt for the city needs to held in check. He effective raised our tax by cutting the homestead exemption. Winnecke is a closet liberal, remember he left the city so he wouldn’t have to greet President Trump. He has followed the plan outlined by Jonathon. Also remember that crime under his watch is the highest ever experienced by this city. The new expansion to the jail will make for a total jail population of 1262. The jail will be at capacity as soon as it is built. Evansville deserves better.

  2. Does his pledge to end local cronyism and corruption involve Vectren as well? How exactly does he plan to accomplish this goal?

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