Statement Regarding Handgun Found Inside Thompkins Middle School



On Wednesday (Jan. 22) evening, EVSC officials were notified that a handgun had been found in the Boiler Room of Thompkins Middle School.

The 9 mm Beretta was discovered by an EVSC supportive services employee who was working on the HVAC system at Thompkins.  He saw the gun on a pull-out computer keyboard drawer inside the school’s Boiler Room, behind a locked steel door.  He immediately notified his superior and the EVSC began its investigation. The Evansville Police Department was also notified.
The gun is registered to Jordan Stone, second shift EVSC custodian at Thompkins, who has a Personal Protection Permit to carry the handgun.  He said he realized he had forgotten to take it off when he entered the building around 2:40 p.m., so he hid it on the computer keyboard drawer in the Boiler Room. Personal Protection Permits do not give an individual the right to carry a firearm on any school property.
The investigation was turned over to School Resource Officer Greg Brandenstein.



    • There is a bill to legalize having your firearm in a locked vehicle on school property if you have a carry license. This does not legalize carry on or inside school property other than keeping it locked in your vehicle.

  1. Go with the nra solution. Arm all the kids and let them have a wild west shootout with the janitor.

    • There weren’t any “good guys with guns” at the mall in Maryland this morning with the shooting there. I’d bet there were plenty of Walter Mitty types toting their gun buddies, but they had better sense than to pull them out and fire away!
      That’s the difference. If the “arm the kids” crowd has their way, there will be less good sense in the equation.

      • No one I know has ever seriously suggested we ‘arm the kids’.

        I support the arming of a percentage of faculty, who would have to go through continued crisis training, background checks, and psychological testing before being issues a concealed weapon to carry on school grounds. They should receive a salary bonus for taking part in the program, but their identities should be sealed.

        The rules of engagement should be made clear and the training intense and ongoing, but doing nothing is clearly unacceptable! The United States has a Second Amendment. The ‘liberal’ faction cannot change this, and even if by some miracle they got a super majority of both House and Senate to repeal the Second Amendment and got enough states to ratify the change, it STILL would not stop school shootings. It wouldn’t even stop the small arms trade. It would only drive it underground.

        Why we trust a bunch of ex-jocks and ex-military high school grads to patrol our streets with guns with minimal qualifications and little retraining, yet we shirk the idea of screened, trained, and educated faculty performing a security function in an otherwise disarmed, sitting duck school full of kids with no effective deterrent from the twisted sickos who apparently permeate our broken society is anathema to me.

        If you guys are really and truly concerned for kids’ safety, if you really want a workable and practical solution we can implement TODAY, not in 100 years time when you’ve got a snowball’s chance of repealing the 2A, you will join me.

  2. So someone that lives across the street with say a Berrett 50cal has the right to have that weapon in their home? He obviously was hiding the handgun being scared. All the people on the news were concered parents. But as a first offense accident which nothing vilont happened should not be a felony. Read up on the law in the great US nation.

  3. I realize it won’t happen, but I’m for Jordan Stone to get his job back.

    Anyone as honest and as willing to sacrifice his job in this situation would also be the lone, sad son-of-a-bitch to save the children if God forbid the situation would arise.

    I hope he gets a better job somewhere.

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