State Comptroller Announces Retirement from Public Service After 20 Years



State Comptroller Announces Retirement from Public Service After 20 Years

SEPTEMBER 29, 2023

STATEHOUSE – Auditor of State Tera Klutz, whose operating title was recently changed by state law to State Comptroller, submitted her resignation to Governor Eric J. Holcomb earlier today and notified her staff that she would be stepping away from public service.

“The past 20 years of leading and serving the financial offices of state and local government have been challenging, rewarding and the opportunity of a lifetime,” Comptroller Klutz said about her career in public service.

“In 2002, I left public accounting to join the Allen County Auditor’s office because I was looking for more flexibility for my young family. What I found was my dream job. My career in government started as the state was dramatically changing the way property was assessed and taxed resulting in tax bill delays in all 92 counties. While working through those early challenges, I learned I had a passion for solving problems and helping people, which ultimately led me to run for office at the local and then state levels.”

Comptroller Klutz was appointed by Gov. Holcomb in 2017 as State Auditor. In nearly seven years, she has implemented a more efficient way to pay the state’s bills in half the time, modernized the state’s payroll system and overhauled the Indiana Transparency Portal to include easier access to government finance information.

“The highlight of my public service career has been working with my team of dedicated public servants who provide accountable and reliable back-office functions that keep our State running efficiently and successfully.

“My service as the State Comptroller afforded me the opportunity to travel the state and meet so many Hoosiers. I am especially grateful for the welcome and respect our local and state officials have shown me.”

Comptroller Klutz will continue her service through November 30.

“I am excited about my next chapter – spending more time with family and friends, and returning to a career in the private sector,” said Comptroller Klutz. “I have committed to helping the Governor, if so desired, to find a qualified individual to serve as Indiana’s next State Comptroller and assist in a smooth transition of responsibilities.”


 About the Comptroller

Tera K. Klutz is the 57th Indiana Auditor of State and the first Certified Public Accountant to serve as the state’s Chief Financial Officer. Effective July 1, 2023, Klutz also became the first State Comptroller for Indiana, per House Enrolled Act 1001.

Appointed by Governor Eric J. Holcomb in January 2017, elected in 2018 and re-elected in 2022, Klutz is focused on providing accurate information, maintaining and enhancing government transparency, and delivering great customer service to ALL Hoosiers.

Prior to becoming the State Comptroller, Klutz served as the County Auditor in Allen County, the third largest county in the state by population and the largest geographically.  First elected in 2010 and again in 2014, Klutz streamlined local government processes, reduced debt, and maintained a balanced budget with responsible reserves. Between 2013 and 2016, Klutz was very active in the Association of Indiana Counties’ Legislative Committee serving as the Chairwoman where she oversaw and directed the Association’s legislative priorities.

In 2016, Klutz was named Auditor of the Year by the Indiana Auditors’ Association for her dedicated and tireless work. Before serving in the public sector, Klutz was as a Senior Accountant at Crowe and PwC in Ft. Wayne.

As State Comptroller, Klutz manages the Indiana Transparency Portal to provide Hoosiers an easily accessible and in-depth look at Indiana’s finances and assets. In addition, she created an Internal Controls Department to review and document the processes within the office to reduce the risk of misstatement and opportunities for fraud.

Klutz holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Indiana University- Purdue University Fort Wayne. She is a member of the Indiana CPA Society, the American Institute of CPAs, and Cornerstone Lutheran Church. She and her husband Zach have two daughters, Alyx and Julian, along with two Goldendoodles, Margo and Leo.

About the Comptroller’s Office

The State Comptroller’s office has four main areas — Accounts Payable, Accounting and Reporting, Local Government, and Payroll. Each of these departments plays a crucial role in the functionality of state government. From paying state employees to balancing the state’s checkbook to working with locals and developing year-end financial reports, these departments and the employees within them are dedicated to accurate and transparent accounting on behalf of Hoosiers across the state. To learn more about these specific departments, click here.

As State Comptroller, Klutz has four primary responsibilities including:

  • Accounting for all state funds
  • Overseeing and disbursing county, city, town, and school tax distributions
  • Paying the state’s bills and state employees
  • Administering Indiana’s Deferred Compensation Plan, known as Hoosier START