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Stanley Clothing Company by Pat Sides


Stanley Clothing Company by Pat Sides

During the 1960s, many retailers closed or relocated to the city’s east side as the urban renewal movement increasingly encroached on Evansville’s once-busy downtown.

This photo was taken ca. 1967, the year the Stanley Clothing Company closed. Located at 111-115 Main Street, it was the tallest building in the block. Once called the Buckskin Breeches Company, it was renamed in 1929 under the helm of John R. Stanley, who specialized in making men’s suits.

The three smaller buildings at the right also appear to be vacant. Near the corner in the other direction is the old Evansville Courier building, adjacent to Hermann’s Candy store, which had operated for over a century before it was sold in 1964. By the end of the decade, the demolitions had begun.