St. Vincent Evansville Birth Announcements for week of September 25, 2017


Tamara and John Kuntz, Evansville, IN, daughter, Kennedy Knives, Sept. 16

Chandera Bradley, Evansville, IN, daughter, Camari Diana, Sept. 17

Bethany and Jeff Ausenbaugh, Newburgh, IN, daughter, Kellyanne Faith, Sept. 18

Jessica and Gavin McFall, Evansville, IN, son, Aden Gene, Sept. 18

Myiona and Andrew Frieson, Evansville, IN, son, Devon Lavell, Sept. 18

Jessica and Frank Eaton, Chandler, IN, daughter, Aeryn Marie, Sept. 18

Jewellana and Nicholaus Perdue, Newburgh, IN, ston, Nicholaus Ryan, Sep. 18

Rebekah Schisler and Randy Wolfe, Evansville, IN, daughter, Olive Rose, Sept. 18

Renee Craig and De’Arrius Miller, Evansville, IN, son, Dominic Roman, Sept. 18

Ellen and Phillip Timmons, Evansville, IN, daughter, Quinn Ryan, Sept. 19

Mary and Joshua Wildeman, Evansville, IN, son, Archie Russell, Sept. 19

Lorin and Josh Pemberton, Newburgh, IN, daughter, Zoey Joy, Sept. 19

Ashley and Micah Gibbs, Princeton, IN, daughter, Elizabeth Jo Ann, Sept. 19

Ashly Zavala, Mount Carmel, IL, daughter, Isabella Rose, Sept. 19

Sarah and James Morris , Boonville, IN, son, Bentley James, Sept. 20

Lindsey and Jason Daseler, Evansville, IN, son, Zayden Alexander, Sept. 20

Amanda and Chad Oost, Evansville, IN, son, Sullivan Connor, Sept. 20

Tyler and Damian Douglas, Chandler, IN, daughter, Annabelle Faye, Sept. 20

Jennifer and Michael Clement, Robards, KY, daughter, Emily Kate, Sept. 21

Elyse and Andrew Niemeier, Evansville, IN, daughter, Marin Hazel, Sept. 21

Emily and Ryan Elmore, Newburgh, IN, son, Judah Ryan, Sept. 21




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