St. Vincent Evansville Birth Announcements For Week Of October 30, 2017


Ashley and Jimmy Foster, Galatia, IL, son, Finn James, Oct. 21

Christina and David Hunter, Fort Branch, IN, daughter, Allana Kay, Oct. 23

Natalie and Colton Reed, Owensville, IN, son, Decker Dean, Oct. 23

Keili and Lazarus Cabell, Evansville, IN, son, Kaiighzynn Ma’Koah Elizarus, Oct. 23

Alex and Jonathan Boettcher, Mount Vernon, IN, son, Noah Elliot, Oct. 23

Kirstie and Andrew Kendrick, Evansville, IN, daughter, Avery Rene’, Oct. 24

Ashley and Anthony Matte, Evansville, IN, daughter, Baisley Marie Dawn, Oct. 24

Anh Nguyen and Hoang Vu, Evansville, IN, daughter, Addarlynn Linh, Oct. 25

Kelsea and Arbie St. Amour, Evansville, IN, son, Oliver Michael Keith, Oct. 26

Toni and Daniel Burney, Carmi, IL, daughter, Eva Marlene Mae, Oct. 26

Evelyn and Michael Jordan, Mount Carmel, IL, daughter, Chloe Dee, Oct. 26

Sara Hardy and Jared Schnell, Evansville, IN, daughter, Kimber Anne, Oct. 26

Diana and Otis Matlock, Evansville, IN, daughter, Grace Lucy-Marie, Oct. 27

Mary and Kenneth Frantz, Evansville, IN, daughter, Skyler Dawn, Oct. 27

Julie and Brian Benson, Evansville, IN, son, Seger Springsteen, Oct. 27

Miriah and Aaron Logan, Princeton, IN, son, Benjamin James Ray, Oct. 27

Emily Burch and Jacob Townsend, Henderson, KY, son, Carter Jacob, Oct. 27

Kyla Harms and Matthew Becker, Grayville, IL, daughter, Teegan Ellise, Oct. 27

Chelsea Helms and David Seals, Boonville, IN, son, Anden Carter, Oct. 27