St. Vincent Evansville Birth Announcements for August 19, 2019


Morgan and Brian Joyce, Newburgh, Daughter, Edie Joelle, August 9

Angela and Joshua Kolb, Evansville, Son, Gerald David, August 12

Savannah and Michael Duckworth, Evansville, Daughter, Dani Zoe, August 12

Payton Bethe and Jordan Castle, Chandler, IN, Daughter, Paxton Grace, August 12

Lacey Grafe and Scott Clark, Evansville, Daughter, Savanna Jacqueline, August 12

Abigail Calhoun and Cody Stone, Henderson, KY, Daughter, Grayclyn Deone, August 12

Breanna Buell and D’Marco Bender, Henderson, KY, Son, Kayson Lee, August 12

Amanda Duncan and David Romero, Evansville, Son, Giovanni Matthew, August 13

Emily Stephens and Calaeb Hawkins, Evansville, Son, Gotham Asher, August 7

Kathleen and Nicholas Fuller, Evansville, Daughter, Chloe Shea, August 14

Heather and Anthony Johnson, Enfield, IL, Daughter, Jayde Claire, August 14

McKenzie Moser and Jacob Beshears, Fort Branch, IN, Son, Matthew Camaron, August 14