St. Vincent Evansville Birth Announcements for August 12, 2019


Brooke and Adam Butts, Evansville, IN, Son, Xander Cole, July 26

Chelsey and Jordan Schurman, Evansville, IN, Son, Rhett Bradley, July 26

Haelie Underhill and William Rogers, Newburgh, IN, Daughter, Layla Marie Ann, July 26

Courtney Donaldson and Roy Griest Jr., Evansville, IN, Daughter, Ellison Ann, July 26

Candice and Brett Orndorff, Evansville, IN, Daughter, Rylee Jane, July 27

Savanna and Curtis Hamilton, Jasonville, IN, Daughter, Ruth Marie, July 27

Lexus Tramill and Kenneth Huey, Evansville, IN, Daughter, Averielle Jean Nicole, July 27

Amber and Joel Knapp, Evansville, IN, Daughter, Olivia Geneva, July 27

Makenna and Andrew Rife, Ridgeway, IL, Daughter, Korbyn Blaike, July 27

Alexandra and Christopher Folz, Newburgh, IN, Son, Henry Alexander, July 27

Alyssa and Aaron Garris, Evansville, IN, Son, Elliott Earl Ray, July 28

Alexis Addison and Brandon Bump, Mount Carmel, IL, Son, Kysen Gage, July 28

Cassandra Steele and Heath Hoffman, Poseyville, IN, Daughter, Lainey-Jo Ruth, July 28

Brittany and Antonio Lopez, Henderson, KY, Daughter, Gabriela Nicole, July 29

Erica and Nick Rumade, Evansville, IN, Son, Lucas Blake, July 29

Mya and Pete Williamson, Fort Branch, IN, Son, Weston James, July 31

Kirsten Ratcliff and Daniel Martin, Mount Vernon, IN, Son, Rhett Lynn, July 31

Michelle and Benjamin Riddle, Poseyville, IN, Son, Chase Lucas, August 1

Ashley Johnson and Charles Edwards, Evansville, IN, Daughter, Cora Jean, August 2

Hannah Hawes and Daniel Jordan, Evansville, IN, Daughter, Addilyn Denise, August 3

Megan and Larry Lawrence III, Sullivan, IN, Son, Larry Dwight IV, August 3

Alex and Denton Aud, Carmi, IL, Daughter, Hosanna Patricia, August 3

Hannah Hawes and Daniel Jordan, Evansville, IN, Daughter, Addilyn Denise, August 3

Mallory and Austin Thompson, Crossville, IL, Son, Mason Dale, August 4

Kathleen and Chris Cooper, Chandler, IN, Son, Bentley Jon, August 4

Kelli Chaffin, Evansville, IN, Son, Dalton Michael, August 5

Devon and Steven Morton, Newburgh, IN, Daughter, Harlow Elaine, August 6

Devon and Steven Morton, Newburgh, IN, Daughter, Saraya Leigh, August 6

Thresa and Shade Manns, Princeton, IN, Son, Westyn Ray Allen, August 6

Brittany Derrington, Chandler, IN, Daughter, Joanna Nicole, August 6

Hayley and Jared Jones, Evansville, IN, Son, Camden Michael, August 6

Charlene and Joshua Jarvis, Evansville, IN, Daughter, Veronika Penelope, August 7

Brittany Bittner and Clayton Lagow, Mount Carmel, IL, Daughter, Madilynn Grace, August 7

Jill and Jordan Aders, Evansville, IN, Son, Noah Paul, August 8

Meagan and Zach Miller, Evansville, IN, Son, Jaxson Joseph, August 9

Abigail Fenwick and Brandon Holbrook, Evansville, IN, Son, Brayden Allen, August 9

Brooklynn and Luke Spaetti, Evansville, IN, Son, Franklin Alan, August 10

Samantha and Luke Stauber, Evansville, IN, Son, Cameron Steven, August 10

Alyssa and Jordan Seesengood, Evansville, IN, Daughter, Isabella Marie, August 10