SS&C Holdings: A Good Catch for Evansville


SS&C is the Right Kind of Business to Attract and GrowSSC-logo-colour

We have assembled some excerpts from the most recently published annual report of SS&C along with a link to the companies annual report for those of you who are interested in more detail. Overall this looks like an extremely good deal for Southwest Indiana and an attractor of those much coveted young professionals that we are so in need of. Additionally SS&C currently has 1,400 employees making the 500 that will be hired in Evansville a significant contributing group to the long term success of the organization. The stock is traded on NASDAQ under the symbol SSNC and traded in a range of $15 – $21 per share during 2010. The stock is currently trading at $19.83 up $0.33 today with a volume of 42,000 shares trading hands.



We are a leading provider of mission-critical, sophisticated software products and software-enabled services that allow financial services providers to automate complex business processes and effectively manage their information processing requirements. Our portfolio of software products and rapidly deployable software-enabled services allows our clients to automate and integrate front-office functions such as trading and modeling, middle-office functions such as portfolio management and reporting, and back-office functions such as accounting, performance measurement, reconciliation, reporting, processing and clearing. Our solutions enable our clients to focus on core operations, better monitor and manage investment performance and risk, improve operating efficiency and reduce operating costs. We provide our solutions globally to more than 4,500 clients, principally within the institutional asset management, alternative investment management and financial institutions vertical markets. In addition, our clients include commercial lenders, corporate treasury groups, insurance and pension funds, municipal finance groups and real estate property managers.

Our industry

We serve a number of vertical markets within the financial services industry, including alternative investment funds, investment management firms, insurance companies, banks and brokerage firms. The financial crisis negatively affected each of these markets and contributed to a significant decline in asset value. In particular, alternative investment funds, such as hedge funds, experienced a shift from equities to money market funds, treasuries and other liquid instruments. These factors all contributed to reducing revenues among the financial services firms, which, in turn, affected their access to credit, spending ability and, in some cases, their long-term viability. With improvements in the financial services industry since the height of the financial crisis, we have experienced increased demand for our products and services, as evidenced by the increase in our organic revenues in 2010 from the comparable period of 2009, and we expect to benefit from continued improvements in the financial services industry.


As of December 31, 2010, we had 1,399 full-time employees, consisting of:

• 242 employees in research and development;

• 826 employees in consulting and services;

• 90 employees in sales and marketing;

• 127 employees in client support; and

• 114 employees in finance and administration.

As of December 31, 2010, 365 of our employees were in our international operations. No employee is covered by any collective bargaining agreement. We believe that we have a good relationship with our employees.

Our acquisitions

We intend to continue to employ a highly disciplined and focused acquisition strategy to broaden and enhance our product and service offerings, add new clients and supplement our internal development efforts. Our acquisitions have enabled us to expand our product and service offerings into new markets or client bases within the financial services industry. The addition of new products and services has also enabled us to market other products and services to acquired client bases. We believe our acquisitions have been an extension of our research and development effort and have enabled us to purchase proven products and remove the uncertainties sometimes associated with software development projects.

Since 1995, we have acquired 31 businesses within our industry. These acquisitions have contributed marketable products and services, which have added to our revenues and earnings. We believe we have generally been able to improve the operating performance and profitability of our acquired businesses. We seek to reduce the costs of the acquired businesses by consolidating sales and marketing efforts and by eliminating redundant administrative tasks and research and development expenses. In many cases, we have also been able to increase revenues generated by acquired products and services by leveraging our existing products and services, larger sales capabilities and client base.

Link to SS&C Form 10-k (Annual Report):