Spring offers you a fresh start

Springtime signifies new life, a new beginning, a chance to start fresh and over again.  We can all use a rebirth every now and then.  It’s an opportunity to rid our lives of burden and stress – maybe even people.  One of my good friends has always told me that he separates himself from negative people or people who constantly bring him down.  That’s actually great advice, as life is just too short to associate with those who don’t share your passion and energy for life or those who don’t believe in you.  And, my friend who follows this creed is always upbeat and happy.  He has a gift for making those around him happy.  In fact, his motto is “Life is good!”

 And, despite the daily struggles we all face, life is good.  And, I’m choosing to take my buddy’s advice and celebrate the life I’ve been blessed with this Spring.  My family at home will celebrate my beautiful wife’s 35th birthday on April 2nd and our amazingly adorable daughter’s 3rd birthday on April 17th.  Our daughter is definitely our most important blessing in life!

My St. Mary’s Family will continue to celebrate you, our generous friends and donors, who continue to bless us with your gifts of time, treasure and talents.  Thank you for choosing to Make A Difference by serving and supporting our Mission and Ministry!

I wish you all a Happy Easter and a Happy New Beginning!


Blessings during our Lord’s Resurrection,

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Rick Peltier
Director, St. Mary’s Health Foundation