Spreading awareness, hope, helpful resources


Spreading awareness, hope, and helpful resources

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and now is the time to join the fight by supporting one another so that no one must go through this alone.

Breast cancer accounts for approximately 30% of all new female cancers each year. Though breast cancer is more often seen in women, men can also be diagnosed. An estimated 2,800 new cases of breast cancer will be discovered in men this year in the United States.

Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer among Hoosier women. When it comes to breast cancer, early detection and screening can play a huge role in increasing survival rates. Getting yearly screenings such as mammograms and clinical breast exams can locate breast cancer even when no symptoms or warning signs are present. You can also perform self-screenings at home. Click here for more information. If you find any of the warning signs, contact your health care provider to make an appointment.

To get involved and support others, you can volunteer, become an advocate for breast cancer awareness research funding or share your story. Click here to learn more.

Some Hoosiers may be eligible for low- or no-cost mammograms. To learn if you qualify for these services, click here.

In honor of those we’ve lost and of those bravely battling against breast cancer, let us join together to spread awareness, hope and helpful resources.

Join the fight against breast cancer.