IS IT TRUE the Evansville Brownfields Corp are holding their annual re-organization meeting in closed session today at INNOVATION POINT on Main Street, Evansville at 3;00 P M?  …this meeting wasn’t advertised in the local media?

IS IT TRUE  that the Innovation Pointe was purchased and renovated with taxpayer money by GAGE who is another pseudo-private not-for-profit organization that is funded with public money?

IS IT TRUE the public should be welcomed to attend meetings of the tax supported not-for-profit Evansville Brownfield Corp? … this kind of activity flies in the face of the transparency and accountability that the current Winnecke Administration ran for re-election on and claims to observe?

IS IT TRUE we are now issuing the call for our readers and bloggers to show up at Innovation Pointe tomorrow at 3:00 pm?  … those who cannot be there in person should email all of the board members posted below and voice their concerns about the tax supported not-for-profit Evansville Brownfields Corp holding their meetings in private?

IS IT TRUE  the time has come to begin a movement among local government-watchers to demand that we be informed about the use of our tax payers dollars by the Evansville Brownfields Corp?

IS IT TRUE here are the people to e-mail about your concerns the questionable activities of Evansville Brownfields Corp? …please contact:  Rusk, Carolyn [mailto:crusk@evansville.in.gov] , Brad Ellsworth <bellsworth@vectren.com>; Connie Robinson <connie@hmrdistribution.com>; Coures, Kelley <kcoures@evansville.in.gov>; Joshua Armstrong (JArmstrong@swinchamber.com) <JArmstrong@swinchamber.com>; Kevin Axiom (kevinaxsom@fcte.com) <kevinaxsom@fcte.com>; luke.yaeger@evansvillecommercebank.com; Nick Cirignano (NCirignano@zsws.com) <NCirignano@zsws.com>; sschuler@vpsarch.com

IS IT TRUE to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, “When the people fear DMD and Evansville Brownsfields Corp board members there is tyranny.  … When DMD and Evansville Brownsfields  Corp board members fear the people there is freedom.”

FOOTNOTES: Our next “IS IT TRUE” will be posted on this coming Wednesday?

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Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Do feel that the City should go to trial or settle the Billy Bolin verses Louise Milan law suit out of court?

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  1. According to the last published tax return of Brownfields the organization touted nearly 1.7 million in assets. Of course the return did not list the details of those assets. What is also interesting is the mission statement. Para phrased: To acquire commercial properties considered to be contaminated and rehab. Not really sure that the seemingly present role meet that mission???

    • You’re right about the supposed mission of Brownfields, and there are plenty of sites that meet that criteria in Evansville. I wonder if the estimate of assets held by Brownfields included the Maybelle-Montrose listed at the acquisition price or the giveaway value that they gifted it to Mr. Martin for?

      • ELKAYBEE:
        Do you REALLY wonder about taxpayer financing at the EBC, ELKAYBEE?
        Do you REALLY care that the Evansville Brownfields Corp meets behind closed doors and will not reveal it’s taxpayer financed activities?
        Do you REALLY?

        OR are you just promoting some “pretend narrative” that “LKB Cares” about the answers to such questions and “LKB Cares” about demanding transparency from the E’vlle Brownfields Corp Land Bank…or it’s Executive Board Members.?
        1. Because Kelley Coures from the Executive Board of the EBC knows the answer to your “pretend questions” LKB.
        Yes, he does. You demand he stop meeting behind closed doors at the EBC….LKB?

        2. Because Councilperson Connie Robinson at the EBC knows the answer to your “pretend questions” LKB.
        Yes, She does too. She knows too. She is an Executive Board Member of the EBC.
        You demand that Connie Robinson also stop meeting behind closed doors at the EBC….LKB?

        OR…..are you some sleazy hack who is posting some pretend narrative that you actually give a damn about transparency at the EBC? Cause everyone here knows, EVERYONE……knows that you will not ask the Board Member of the EBC to be accountable for transparency at the Brownfields Corp Land Bank.

        Let’s be clear. The City County Observer is asking Connie Robinson to be accountable for transparency at the EBC Land Bank….or if she will not, she should resign.
        It is a PERFECTLY legitimate request. These are taxpayer dollars being spent.

        But ELKAYBEE? Nope.
        Stop the pretend narrative LKB. If you actually cared about transparency, you would prove it.

        • Does this rant mean you’ll be showing up at Innovation Point at 3:00? I can’t be there because of a prior commitment, but I am sending emails. This is my final reply to your ridiculousness, but you should really calm down or you’re going to have a stroke.

          • LKB:
            You don’t answer.
            Because you can’t answer. THAT is ridiculous.
            I will say it AGAIN: Stop the pretend “LKB Cares” narrative LKB. If you actually cared about transparency at the EBC Land Bank, you would prove it.

  2. You would think that Brad Ellsworth and Connie Robinson would be too smart than get caught up in all this.

  3. Evansville Brownfields Corp. Board of Directors
    Governed by articles of incorporation
    • 1 of the directors shall be the Executive Director of the DMD
    • 2 of the directors shall be appointed by the Mayor: 1 shall be a member of the Council and the other
    shall be appointed at the Mayor’s discretion
    • 2 additional directors shall be appointed: 1 by the Board of GAGE and 1 by the Board of Directors
    of the Chamber of Commerce.

  4. Not your typical “Registered Agent”……On January 6, 2016 the ERBC filed a Notice of Change of Registered Office or Registered Agent. PETER J PARADOSSI’s Linkedin profile describes Mr. Paradossi as a “Strategic Consultant”.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


    Current Information

    Entity Legal Name:

    Entity Address:

    General Entity Information:

    Control Number: 2002031300918
    Status: Active
    Entity Type: Non-Profit Domestic Corporation

    Entity Creation Date: 3/12/2002
    Entity Date to Expire:
    Entity Inactive Date:

    The Business Entity Report(s) is(are) due for this entity by 03/31/2016 . Click here to file the Business Entity Report.

    There are no other names on file for this Entity.

    Registered Agent(name, address, city , state , zip):
    EVANSVILLE , IN 47708

    Principals(name, address, city, state, zip – when provided)
    10 S 11TH AVE
    EVANSVILLE , IN 47712

    20 NW 4TH ST
    EVANSVILLE , IN 47708

    Edmund L. Hafer, Jr.
    One Vectren Square
    Evansville , IN 47708

    Andrew E. Goebel
    One Vectren Square
    Evansville , IN 47708

    Edmund L. Hafer, Jr.
    One Vectren Square
    Evansville , IN 47708


    Date Filed Effective Date Type
    03/12/2002 03/12/2002 Articles of Incorporation
    11/16/2015 11/16/2015 Articles of Amendment
    01/06/2016 01/06/2016 Notice of Change of Registered Office or Registered Agent

    Corporate Reports:
    Years Paid
    2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

    Years Due

  5. Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Do feel that the City should go to trial or settle the Billy Bolin verses Louise Milan law suit out of court?

    I wonder what song verse Billy Bolin is singing today? (Hint: the word is versus.)

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