SMG Contract Terminated by Parks Board


Today the Parks Board unanimously approved the termination of the contract with SMG to manage the Victory Theatre and the Mesker Amphitheatre. The termination will take effect on October 7th. No discussions were held regarding who will be managing these facilities or what the future holds for The Centre which houses the SMG offices and has been managed by SMG since it was opened. There was also no resolution announced with respect to any existing events already booked by SMG for the Victory or Mesker. SMG officials have already announced events at the Victory that are after the termination date.

Confidential sources have told the City County Observer that the Evansville Redevelopment Commission will decide what to do with the two facilities and any financial obligations that go with them. The Parks Board issued an agenda for today’s meeting yesterday that did not announce this action. A revised agenda went out at just after 7:30 this morning including the motion to terminate the SMG contract just over 4 hours before the vote was held.

This is a developing story:


    • Agreed. This Mayor is a total jackass. Will a Republican or Libertarian please step forward and challenge this guy?

  1. Like I have been telling you’all for a while–the Mayor is a one termer.

    He is also a self serving two face lier!

    Eric Williams for Mayor!

  2. Just saw the President of the Parks Board speak on TV.

    Where in the world did the Mayor dig up this Jay Ritter guy?

    What an idiot!

  3. Thanks CCO for alerting us to another back room political deal starring the Mayor and his new Parks Director.

    So much for the promise of open government by the new administration.

  4. Say guys–let us not be to quick to judge here. There very well is good reasons to terminate.

  5. Dave Rector still has a job with the city, SMG does not. This tells us everything about you Lloyd Winnecke that we need to know. By the way Lloyd, while you were talking to Sandie Aaron, did you ask her about using Roberts as a mid-sized arena? I’ve talked to her, and surprise, surprise both SMG and Venuworks believe the facility could be converted to a mid-sized arena w/o interfering with the Ford Center.

    I’m glad for Mr. Scott Schoenike but I’ll be glad when the people of Evansville send this mayor back to the bank where he can deal with koozies and coolers instead.

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