Skateboarding 12 year old collides with car on the Lloyd Expressway




Emergency crews were called to the intersection of Lloyd Expressway and Burkhardt at 12:40 this morning for an injury accident.
Based on the initial investigation, police believe 12 year old Harry Rodriguez was riding riding a skateboard on the Lloyd in the eastbound lanes of traffic. Rodriguez was travelling west into oncoming traffic when he was struck by a car driven by 42 year old Floyd Brogden.
Brogden told police he did not see Rodriguez prior to the accident and was not sure what he had collided with until he stopped to check.
Rodriguez suffered multiple injuries. The extent of the injuries is not known and he is being treated at St. Mary’s Hospital.
Brogden was taken to a local hospital for a drug and alcohol test per state law. Based on their initial observations, police do not believe drugs or alcohol played a factor in the crash.