Shooting suspect being treated for self inflicted gunshot wound to be charged with attempted murder





Evansville Police have arrested 21 year old Arthur Jones in connection with a shooting in the 600 block of N. 6th Ave around 9:30pm on Monday. Jones checked himself into a local hospital with a gunshot wound to the scrotum and foot several hours after the shooting on 6th Ave. He first told investigators that he had been stabbed by an unknown suspect. Using information gathered from the shooting victim and witnesses, investigators were able to prove his story was false. Police believe he shot himself while getting the gun out of or putting it back in his waistband.

The victim of the shooting, 26 year old Johnny Phillips was shot 3 times while riding his moped. He was taken to a local hopsital with non-life threatening injuries.

Investigators believe Jones and Phillips knew each other and had spoken to each other on the phone shortly before the shooting. Phillips told investigators that Jones, who is a known gang member, had tried to rob him a week ago.

On August 23 2013, Evansville police arrested Phillips on numerous drug charges after he was caught with 50 Schedule II and IV pills, 24grams of Marijuana, 348grams of Synthetic Marijuana, and 11 ecstacy pills. He was out on bond when he was shot. Investigators believe the Monday night shooting may be drug related.
Investigators also learned that Phillips was armed with a handgun when he was shot. He tried to have a witness dispose of it before police arrived at the scene. Police recovered the gun as part of their investigation.

Jones is under police guard at the hospital and will be charged with Attempted Murder and Attempted Armed Robbery when he is released.

Picture 1- Arthur Jones
Picture 2- Johnny Phillips

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