Sheriff’s Office Seeking Community Partners for New County-Wide Camera System


SUBJECT: Sheriff’s Office Seeking Community Partners for New County-Wide Camera System
CONTACT: Sheriff Noah Robinson
AUTHORITY: Sheriff Noah Robinson

The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office, the Vanderburgh County Commissioners, and the Vanderburgh County Council are pleased to announce that the Flock Safetysystem is coming to our County.

The Flock Safety system uses networked license plate reader cameras to monitor and log vehicles operating on publicly accessible roadways. The system works both day and night and is entirely powered by solar energy.

The Evansville Police Department has used the system for over a year. Now, residents who live outside the City limits will benefit from this technology as well.

Sheriff Noah Robinson stated, “The Flock Safety system is the most advanced of its kind and was designed specifically to target the weak link of most criminal endeavors, which is getting to and then away from the scene without being seen. I’m thrilled to have this powerful investigative tool in our jurisdiction, and I am confident that its presence will lead to a reduction in residential and commercial burglaries and thefts.”

The system is configured NOT to collect long term data, nor does the system analyze images of people.

What Flock DOES NOT do:

  • Does not use facial recognition technology.
  • Does not measure vehicle speed.
  • Does not detect red light violations.
  • Does not store any images or data longer than 30 days.

What Flock DOES:

  • Reads the license plate of every vehicle that passes within range of the camera.
  • Notifies law enforcement of any stolen vehicles or wanted persons associated with a vehicle that passes a camera.
  • Uses AI technology to search for and identify vehicles.
  • Allows law enforcement to connect vehicles to crimes.

The Sheriff’s Office is looking for community partners to bring Flock Safety to your area! Email or call us at 812-421-6203 to inquire about partnering with us.