Shark Tank Episode: Energy and Gold from the Same Device


Mark Sullivan made some pretty outlandish claims about his idea that has not yet been tested in the real world and got laughed off of Shark Tank. This part of the segment starts at 18:30 and runs to 25:00 in episode 11 of this year’s Shark Tank. Enjoy, this may hit pretty close to home for some folks in Evansville.

In all fairness to Mr. Sullivan and the sharks, Mr. Sullivan really does have a patent on his idea.


  1. Looks like the sharks took about 30 seconds to figure out what 5 idiots on the Council and Dewey couldn’t do in 2 months.

    • To echo Mr. Cuban from the episode, I think the Evansville City Council BS Detector must be busted…

  2. Four of the council members saw through the BS. The other five either don’t care or are too stupid to figure it out. Then there’s Dewey the Vetting parrot.

  3. The Earthcare conspiracy has went past the point of “catfish noodling in a shark tank” to corruption. That is the only conclusion that explains the unwillingness to end or even listen to reason after passing full speed through so many intersections with blinking red lights. Even a fool learns not to touch a hot stove. A crook on the run with the goods ignores them.

  4. Evansville should send the Earthcare guys to Shark Tank and watch them get eaten. They would get laughed off the set.

    • Dewey and the Dopes are the ones that should be sent to Shark Tank. Talk about getting laughed off the set.

  5. Wonder how much salary and bonus the “Greatest Vetter” ever, Debbie Dewey of GAGE received this year? Word in the street is that Debbie told her buddy County Commissioner Marsha Abell and she won’t share imformation with her fellow Commissioner, Steve Melcher. Also word in the street is that Debbie Dewey 2012 salary with bonus is over $120,000.

  6. WOW- I thought Marsha Abell said she wanted to shut down GAGE during her last campaign. After Marsha was elected she was appointed to served on the GAGE Board of Directors and it’s Executive Committee. Before she got off the Board she voted to give the “Greatest Vetter” ever a big bonus and salary increase before she went off the board. Don’t just two face political types!

    Can’t wait tell she runs for re-election so we can send her packing!

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