Several arrests made during police operation to address gun violence in Evansville neighborhoods



Evansville Police made several arrests during a detail designed to address gun violence in several Evansville neighborhoods yesterday.
Members of the EPD Crime Prevention Unit, the Gang Unit, and the Narcotics Joint Task Force were assigned to specific neighborhoods based on the number of gun related complaints. The calls included shootings, shots fired, and person with a gun complaints.
During the detail, the officers made 3 felony arrests, 7 misdemeanor arrests, 3 warrant arrests, 1 juvenile arrest, and wrote 2 misdemeanor tickets.
Officers seized 83 grams of marijuana, 29 bags of synthetic marijuana, $1210, miscellaneous drug paraphernalia, multiple ecstasy pills, and 3 grams of look-a-like drugs.
In addition to the drugs and money, officers seized 4 handguns and 2 rifles from suspects who were not in legal possession of them.


  1. Legalizing marijuana sounds like a reasonable solution to me for some of this violence.

    Legitimize the marijuana trade and you will have people treating it less like a gang activity and more like an entrepreneurial exercise. The law of the street will cease to prevail and legitimate business proprietors will turn toward courts and contracts, not intimidation and violence, to stake their claims on the trade.

    I would be interested in seeing a breakdown of what the specific charges were in relation to this task force. Were the felonies all gun related? How about the misdemeanors?

    If you take these guys off the street temporarily and put them in a jail with other criminals, is this really going to rehabilitate them in any way, or sway them from returning to their former habits once they are released back into the community?

    This is just an endless, pointless cycle we are in. If we’re serious about curbing violence, we need to try something different. Taking a different approach to the war on drugs is a start.

    • If what you say is true, please post some info that supports it. There are areas of the country that have done what you suggest. Has their crime rate gone down? Have their violent crimes gone down? Have their leagal marijuana shops been crime free?
      The folks invovled in terrorizing their neighborhoods are not interested in “entrepreneurial exercise”. They arae interested in getting something for nothing.
      That goes way deeper than a bag of weed. That goes back to our craddle to the grave welfare system that rewards people for doing nothing, but getting lifetime benefits.
      Thats is where you start.

      • When’s the last time you heard of running a load of alcohol through the desert with 4 armed Mexicans? Or calling up a shady alcohol draler

        • Got cut off, sorry. Was about to type “shady alcohol dealer at the arbors.” I’m on a cell phone.

      • I live in California’s Coachella Valley that is about 2 hours from the border with Mexico and is comprised of 9 cities with demographics of every level. There are a number of legal marijuana outlets called “dispensaries” each with a green Swiss style cross to indicate what they sell. Dispensaries were legalized in CA in the late 90’s. The crime rates today are lower than they were then and the population is growing at over 20% per decade. One of our cities, Indio was just named one of the 10 fastest growing cities in the nation last year. The economic profile of our east valley cities of Indio and Coachella looks very similar to Evansville yet both are growing. Dispensaries are zoned sort of like liquor stores in Indiana and Kentucky. Some cities do not give them permits. My closest ATM is near one and I have never ever seen a bunch of low lifes hanging out near the place. We also do not have headlines about citizens being “busted for drugs” over small amounts of weed as is common in Evansville. Even Venice Beach with more dispensaries than Starbucks is safe and is better than it was 10 years ago. Overall legalization is the way to go. Crime is lower, cartels do not run the weed traffic (although they do control the illegal drug traffic), and everyday life is unaffected by the dispensaries.

        CA banned smoking in all workplaces in 1988. Public health has improved and the smoking rate has bottomed out. Evansville took that step in 2012 (24 years after CA). Indiana still has not seen that light. If I were to speculate, Indiana will see the light and legalize marijuana in about 2030 and will hopefully find a way to benefit from it. Jailing people over “nickel bag” amounts of weed is simply too expensive to enforce and pays no dividends to society in terms of public safety. Wise up. This one is easy. Stoners do not endanger anything but Cheetos and chips. We have two big music festivals here. Coachella is indie music and the attendees like weed. Few are arrested. Stagecoach is all country and the attendees like alcohol. The jails are full of middle age guys who get liquored up and get in fights during Stagecoach. The latest high profile moron who got in a fight was Ashton Kucher at Stagecoach two weeks ago. How do you think banning beer would go over in Evansville?


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