Senator Braun’s Weekly Update | Trump’s Healthcare Transparency Win, Dem Debate, Bud


Last week, Senator Braun joined President Trump at the White House to celebrate the signing of a historic healthcare transparency executive order, notched a win for Hoosiers in the bill to lower prescription drug prices moving to the Senate floor, cut through the noise of the Democrats’ debates to remind Americans of President Trump’s remaking of the judiciary, and urged the House to take action to alleviate the humanitarian crisis on the southern border. 

Ahead of the first Democratic primary debate, Senator Braun wrote in Fox News about President Trump’s complete remaking of the judiciary in just his first two years.

“As Democrats descend on Miami for their first presidential debate, it’s a good time to reflect on the fact that President Trump has kept his promise to nominate great conservative judges, with the Senate approving 125 judges since Trump took office — including 40 since I’ve been in the U.S. Senate.”

Senator Braun joined Neil Cavuto on Fox News to discuss President Trump’s executive order forcing the healthcare industry to become more transparent: one of his top priorities serving Hoosiers in the Senate. 

“My message to our opaque and confusing healthcare industry: Are you that thickheaded? Get with it and go transparent or you’ll end up with one business partner named Bernie Sanders.”

Last week, Senator Braun joined Red and Blue on CBS News to discuss what Congress must do to address the humanitarian crisis at the southern border, trade with China and rising tensions with Iran, and huge progress in healthcare transparency with an executive order signed by President Trump.

Senator Braun also had an opportunity to weigh in on a recent police-involved shooting in Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s South Bend, stating: “You have to be 100% transparent.”

Senator Braun joined Stu Varney on Fox Business to talk about his role in President Trump’s historic healthcare transparency executive order signing.

Senator Braun spoke with members of the Indiana media from across the statethis week about his decision to vote against the $750 million National Defense Re-Authorization Act, citing his support for pay raises for troops and a strong defense, but commitment to fiscal responsibility for both parties.

“I support strong defense and pay raises for our troops, but I can’t get behind a massive $750 billion spending package that busts our budget and puts us further into trillion dollar deficits. I agree with Admiral Mike Mullen: our debt is our greatest national security threat.”

Senator Braun visited New Albany, Indiana this week to speak to Hoosiers about the issues that matter most to them and their families.

“‘They’re fed up with business as usual there,’ Braun said. ‘They like the fact that our president is shaking the system and want to make sure he gets re-elected. You’ve got guys like me there that know what’s important. You’ve seen enough of what I’m going to do, and I’m on great committees, so I’m in a position as a freshman senator to really make a difference.'”

Senator Braun took to the Senate floor to call out both parties for failing to hold the government accountable for its out of control spending, leading to a budget catastrophe that will primarily affect seniors, pensioners, and those who rely on the government for health insurance.