Senator Braun’s Weekly Update


This week, Senator Braun urged Congress to approve the USMCA for Hoosiers, penned an op-ed on his two new solutions to combat the opioid crisis in Indiana, welcomed Hoosier heroes to Washington on their Honor Flight for Memorial Day weekend, and celebrated 100 years of a Hoosier tradition on the Senate floor. 

Senator Braun joined BloombergTV’s David Westin to discuss President Trump’s ongoing trade negotiations with China from a business perspective, and to urge Congress to pass the USMCA: a huge win for Hoosiers and all Americans. 

Senator Braun penned an op-ed for local Indiana newspapers about his two straightforward solutions with Democrat Senator Ed Markey to help combat the opioid crisis through patient education and better prescriber training.

“These two bills won’t end this crisis alone, but they are simple, straightforward solutions we can start doing today to protect our fellow Hoosiers and Americans from falling victim to a crisis that we’ve already lost so much to.”

Senator Braun joined Senator Todd Young in welcoming Hoosier veterans from Northeast Indiana to Washington, D.C. on their Honor Flight.

“‘My father was a World War II veteran, and I never forgot the lesson he impressed upon me of honoring those who have served our country,” Sen. Braun explained. ‘It was an honor to welcome these American heroes to Washington and as Senator I will fight to ensure Hoosier veterans get access to the resources they need and deserve.'”

“The United States Mexico Canada Agreement should be passed by the U.S. House quickly, said Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.). He said he is concerned that Democrats will want to take issue with some of its provisions, simply because it will be seen as a ‘Trump victory’.

“It better be the highest priority here because that is the most important thing. We do more trade with both Canada and Mexico than we do with China, and they are generally friendly in nature,’ said Braun.”

On Thursday, Senator Braun took to the Senate floor to congratulate the Purdue ‘All-American’ Marching Band on 100 years of performances at the Indianapolis 500.