Senator Braun’s Statement on $19.1 Billion Emergency Supplemental


WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Senator Mike Braun (R-IN) released the following statement following his decision to vote against the $19.1 billion emergency supplemental.

“In the private sector we budget for rainy days and offset unexpected expenditures with spending cuts, and the same principles should apply to Congress because the current disaster assistance process is just another path for runaway spending on unrelated projects,” said U.S. Senator Mike Braun. 

Braun also said; “If legislators in Washington actually read this $19.1 billion spending bill, maybe they would share my concern with spending taxpayer funds on pet projects – like provisions for cherry farmers who make over $900,000 a year – instead of dealing with real problems like relief for victims of natural disasters or the humanitarian crisis on our southern border.”


  1. Dear Senator-
    While I appreciate your concern for unusual spending (and the cherry growers subsidy certainly sounds like one) it might be helpful to your constituents if folks like yourself would list EVERY aspect of such a spending bill. Also, accompany that list with the justification by the Senator who “inserted” such a provision into the bill. Simply printing an inflammatory one liner doesn’t help people understand the spending. Perhaps there is a good reason for the cheery help–but unless it is made public, we’ll never know and never be able to provide you intellectually sound arguments.

    • Perhaps the constituents should take it upon themselves to read the bill on their own. A congressman’s job is not to spoon feed his constituents, but it is our duty to be involved in our government, especially in this age of the internet. Every bill that comes before congress is available for us to read and make our own decision about it’s worth.

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