WASHINGTON— Today, Senator Mike Braun introduced legislation to nullify misguided provisions from President Biden’s recent tax-and-spend law that increased the upfront cost of homes and impact what appliances Americans have in their homes. Senators John Thune, John Barrasso, Roger Marshall, Roger Wicker, Shelley Moore Capito, Eric Schmitt, Marco Rubio, Pete Ricketts, Josh Hawley, J.D. Vance and Cynthia Lummis cosponsored the legislation.

    Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers introduced the companion legislation in the House of Representatives.

    “Biden’s radical energy agenda is making the American Dream of home ownership further out of reach by driving up home costs and inserting the federal government into household decisions. The government should not be telling you how you can cook your food or heat your home. I’m proud to lead this legislation to cut these misguided provisions in Biden’s Inflation Creation Act so we can restore freedom for American families and help more Americans afford their first home.”  — Sen. Braun

    “The Biden administration’s environmental extremism and anti-conventional-energy agenda has gone too far. I’m proud to support this legislation that would stop the administration from imposing out-of-touch energy policies that drive up the cost for homeowners at a time when first-time home ownership – a traditional benchmark of the American dream – is increasingly out of reach.”—Sen. Thune

    “Again we are seeing the consequences of Democrats’ so-called Inflation Reduction Act by the restrictions it places on American families’ ability to afford a home. At a time when interest rates, inflation, and home mortgage costs are skyrocketing, we should be doing all we can to make the dream of homeownership for Americans achievable. I’m proud to support legislation that will strike misguided attempts to upgrade so-called energy efficiency standards, and make home prices more affordable.” — Sen. Capito

    “The Inflation Reduction Act is making it harder for everyday Americans to afford a home. These misguided policies are driving up the upfront cost of homes by tens of thousands of dollars in many communities and forcing new and expensive appliances on Americans. I am proud to join Senator Braun in introducing the Homeowner Energy Freedom Act to repeal these provisions and ensure Americans cannot only afford housing and appliances, but also choose what works best for them and their families.”— Sen. Rubio

    “The so-called Inflation Reduction Act is increasing costs for Americans across the country, putting the American dream further out of reach. At a time of incredible strain on the U.S. housing market, now is not the time to implement crushing new regulations that take away choice and raise prices on homeownership.” — Sen. Wicker

    “The last thing people in Wyoming need is the Biden administration deciding what stove they should cook dinner on or how they should keep their home warm in the winter, especially when it comes with a hefty price tag. The falsely named Inflation Reduction Act has been a perfect example of big government meddling, prices going up and consumers footing the bill. I thank Senator Braun for his leadership in delivering much-needed relief for homeowners who have been forced to deal with inflation and a never-ending string of price hikes under President Biden.” — Sen. Lummis

    “NAHB commends Sen. Braun for introducing the Homeowner Energy Freedom Act, legislation that will protect energy choices for consumers while preserving housing affordability. While NAHB supports the adoption of cost-effective, modern energy codes, we oppose the current law that pressures state and local governments to adopt costly and restrictive energy codes to qualify for federal grants. By directly addressing this issue, Sen. Braun’s bill will help make housing more affordable for millions of American families.”  — Alicia Huey, Chairman, National Association of Home Builders


    • The “Inflation Reduction Act” authorized billions of borrowed dollars to upgrade so-called energy efficiency standards across the nation. These provisions increase the upfront cost of homes by more than $20,000 in many communities.
    • For every $1,000 increase in the price of a home, 140,000 Americans are priced out of the market.
    • Americans are less able to afford a home than practically any other time in our nation’s recent history, and these provisions put homeownership further out of reach for millions of Americans.