WASHINGTON – Tonight, Senator Mike Braun spoke on the Senate floor to call for a full impeachment trial of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

    Reports are that Senate Democratic leadership are intending to table the impeachment motion this week to avoid a full trial.

    Senator Braun said tonight that they are trying to “sweep this under the rug” to avoid talking about what President Joe Biden did to open the border in his first days in office, and the steps taken by Secretary Mayorkas to “catch-and-release” illegal aliens into the country.

    Senator Braun will make a point of order during the proceedings that Secretary Mayorkas should, by rules of the Senate, be issued a summons on the impeachment charge of breaking the law by releasing illegal aliens into the United States.

    Senator Braun previously called on Secretary Mayorkas to resign over the border crisis.


    For Laken Riley, Ruby Garcia, and the countless Americans who have died from fentanyl, the Senate must hold a full impeachment trial of Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.


    Secretary Mayorkas is breaking the law every day he releases illegal immigrants into the United States.


    The Department of Homeland Security is required under law to detain these immigrants. 


    Biden & Mayorkas’ catch-and-release policy releases illegal aliens into the U.S. without even issuing a notice to appear for immigration proceedings.


    Secretary Mayorkas is the most important player in President Biden’s open borders agenda, but we must remember it’s the President that’s calling the shots. 


    President Biden took the actions that opened our border.


    On day one, he personally stopped construction of the wall.


    He alone signed the executive order to allow illegals to be counted in the Census to decide how large Congressional districts are. This is a direct attack on our most important democratic institution. 


    It was President Biden who ended the Remain in Mexico policy, leading to millions released into our communities. 


    It was a criminal coward who killed Laken Riley, but it was President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas who welcomed him into our country.


    It was sanctuary city policies that kept him here.


    Laken Riley’s death was a complete failure of our government to protect our citizens, and yet not one person has lost their job because of it.


    It’s no wonder President Biden’s allies want to sweep this impeachment under the rug and break the rules of the Senate by failing to hold an impeachment trial.


    Every Senator must stand up for the American people and vote down the motion to kill the impeachment trial. 


    The American people deserve to hear the truth of how President Joe Biden opened their country’s border to the world, and the American lives lost because of it. 


    I will be voting to hold a full impeachment trial of Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. 


    If a full trial does not happen, Secretary Mayorkas has clearly lost the faith of the American people to protect our borders and he should immediately resign.


    And President Biden should be held accountable by the American public in November.