Sen. Braun: GOP Voters “Sick And Tired” Of Establishment Enabling Pelosi’s Agenda


Sen. Braun: GOP Voters “Sick And Tired” Of Establishment Enabling Pelosi’s Agenda 

DECEMBER 3, 2022

WASHINGTON — Senator Mike Braun joined Laura Ingraham last night to discuss why he is calling for Senate Republicans to reject any omnibus spending bill negotiated while Nancy Pelosi is still in charge of the House. The Senate Appropriations Committee and Senate leadership are currently negotiating a big spending bill which will be sent over to Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the House. Senator Braun is asking why, when the American people fired Speaker Pelosi on November 8th, Republicans would go along with ANY new spending with Democrats still in charge of the House.

The Senate could pass a short-term, stopgap spending measure called a CR to keep the government from shutting down until the Republican House is sworn in on January 3rd. The Senate passes CRs often.

While Senator Braun normally votes against CRs because they represent kicking the can down the road and are a fixture of the Senate’s broken budget process, he would support a short term CR to avoid letting Nancy Pelosi – whom the American people voted out – from setting the agenda for another 10 months with a massive omnibus spending bill full of their priorities, earmarks, and other wasteful spending.


Because this time, we’re handing the keys over to Nancy Pelosi – who we just fired – to do all the spending and give us more of what they’ve given us the last two years. We do this all the time. Last year, we didn’t complete the spending until March, so there’s no rush. I sit on the Budget Committee, and you know who gavels us in? Bernie Sanders. We never do anything about budgets. There is no reason to give Nancy Pelosi a swan song and another year of what we’ve been contending with. Why would we allow her to get her fingerprints on this when we don’t need to.


I asked a Republican Senator the other evening, how many times have we dragged 10 or 12 Democrats along with a Republican initiative. He couldn’t think of any, ever. You just mentioned two in the last two years where they dragged 10 of us along. People from the heartland, where I’m from, are sick and tired of that. And then they brought back earmarks. This place is going to hit the ditch hard if a few more Republicans don’t stand up and say we’re done rolling over to Democrats.


It’s the unholy alliance: We get rolled because we want defense to please the neocons, and they get everything they want on domestic spending, and we’re another trillion and a half dollars in debt.


I came from outside the farm system of politics – the career politicians that normally staff us – and since I’ve been here I’ve been able to speak with freedom, I haven’t had to worry if something’s going to cost me a committee chair, do I have to make this vote to get a campaign check. That’s not the way it’s supposed to work. The Founders said serve, then get back to the farm or your business. We’ve gotten so far away from that, I don’t think they ever could have imagined we’d get to where we are