Second Arrest – Invasion of Privacy


The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office has arrested an Evansville man a second time for a crime committed against a woman he allegedly battered and confined on March 15th. John Thomas Wells III was arrested today for violating a court order prohibiting contact with his victim of the earlier assault. The court order was issued as a condition of being released on bond.

Wells was arrested for multiple felony charges on Friday, March 15th after he allegedly held the victim, Whitney Archer, against her will in his west-side apartment. He allegedly beat and choked her, cut off part of her hair and poured barbeque sauce and Listerine on her. Archer was able to contact 911 and Sheriff’s deputies located and arrested Wells.

Wells’ was able to post his bond on the 16th, allowing his release from custody. Since his release, Wells violated the conditions of his bond by repeatedly contacting the victim. After being contacted by the victim and told of the violations, Sheriff’s Office investigators arrested Wells for Invasion of Privacy, a Class A Misdemeanor. His bond on that charge is currently $500.00. The Sheriff’s Office is currently working to have Wells’ bond revoked on the prior charges.

John Thomas Wells III, age 44, Evansville

Invasion of Privacy, Class A Misdemeanor


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