Sean Selby is Candidate For County Commissioner Of District 1 in Republican Caucus


May 24, 2016 / Evansville, Indiana – Vanderburgh County small business owner Sean Selby has officially announced and was first to file the necessary paperwork to be a candidate for County Commissioner of District 1 in an upcoming Republican special caucus to fill a vacancy.

Selby said “After much consideration and at the urging of many of my fellow precinct committeemen, elected leaders, Republican officials, other business professionals, and my wife, I officially declared my candidacy for District 1 Vanderburgh County Commissioner for the upcoming caucus on Thursday, May 26”. District 1 has been represented by Commissioner Joe Kiefer who is now running for County Council.

“It is very important to me and other precinct committeemen that
Vanderburgh County residents have an option for the direction of the county this fall. The person to fill the vacancy should be a tried-and-true and yet independent-thinking Republican who is dedicated to the conservative values we share, working diligently on behalf of their fellow county residents. As a result, I felt compelled to step forward,” said Selby.
Selby also commented that someone with over a decade of business experience in Vanderburgh County and interactions with numerous companies, voters, and key decision-makers, along with service in various civic and charitable organizations in the county will be best suited for the position. Plus, Selby said that “My extensive experience as an executive and good rapport with current and possible future commissioners are also critical reasons why I decided to run for the position. Plus, interacting with Vanderburgh County businesses over the past decade has provided keen insight into the importance of keeping government interference and taxation at a minimum to empower businesses to be more profitable, keep jobs, and ultimately stay in business here.”

The caucus will take place on Thursday, May 26, 2016. If Selby should win, he would face Ben Shoulders in the November general election.



  1. Why has Wayne Parke, Chair of the Vanderburgh County GOP, Mayor Winnecke, and his Chief of Staff: Steve Schaefer, decided to endorse Libertarian Robb Myers for Commissioner instead of Republican Sean Selby?

    Myers is an active member member of the Libertarian Party of Indiana as well as their treasurer in Vanderburgh County.

  2. Actually Greg, I think you are mistaken. Robb Myers, to the best of my knowledge, has resigned his position as Treasurer in the local Libertarian Party and officially changed his party affiliation to “Republican.” Therefore, he is a Republican candidate in good standing, just like Sean Selby.

    • Actually, Robb resigned as treasurer at 2:29PM this afternoon. He has not however changed his party affiliation with the local party. As of right now he is still a current member of the local and state libertarian party. He did vote republican in the last primary which is the criteria for being considered a member of the Republican Party in Indiana, so he is currently a member of both parties.

  3. It seems to me that there was a plan in place to limit the opposition running against the establishment candidate Ben Shoulders. It also seems that the planners have achieved their goal.


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