Ruling: Menards Founder’s Ex-Fiancee Doesn’t Deserve Ownership


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The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled Friday that the founder of the Menards building supply stores doesn’t owe his former fiancee an ownership interest in the company.

Debra Sands filed a lawsuit in 2008, alleging that John Menard promised her an ownership share in exchange for her work at the company while they were involved in a romantic relationship and during their engagement.

A state appeals court ruled in 2016 that Sands didn’t deserve an ownership share in the company or damages. The Supreme Court upheld that decision, ruling that Sands and Menard weren’t engaged in a joint enterprise. The court also says Sands failed to show her contributions increased Menard’s assets.

Sands’ attorney didn’t immediately return a message seeking comment Friday.

According to Forbes, Menards is the nation’s third-largest home improvement chain. According to its website, Menards has 33 stores in Indiana.