Right to Life of Southwest Indiana’s Oratory Scholarship Winner Moves on to Nationals


 EVANSVILLE, IN (JUNE 22, 2021) – The 2021 Right to Life of Southwest Indiana’s (RTLSWIN) first place Oratory Scholarship winner, Katherine Shell, recently advanced to win first place in the State of Indiana Right to Life Scholarship Contest for her speech on making the case for life. Shell, a home-schooled graduate, won first place in April and was awarded $1,000 in RTLSWIN’s Annual Oratory Scholarship Contest where junior and senior high school students can compete by presenting speeches that cover topics such as abortion, stem cell research, infanticide, and euthanasia. Students are encouraged to help organize and express their pro-life views as well as earn money for their education.

“To me, being pro-life is not about taking away women’s rights; it is about empowering them and others to value the lives of the unborn because, without the right to life, there is nothing,” said Shell. “All people deserve the right to the pursuit of happiness, but without the right to life, you cannot pursue happiness. We must use our rights to help those who can’t.”

“We look forward to giving out scholarships to students every year because it is an encouragement to see a generation fighting for life especially now when the federal government is promoting and using our tax dollars to kill unborn children,” said Mary Ellen Van Dyke, Executive Director for RTLSWIN. “The contest helps give students their voice as well as solidify their belief that the lives of unborn babies must be protected by all.”

Shell will attend the 2021 National Right to Life Convention in Herndon, Virginia from June 25-26 to compete in the National Oratory Contest. The winners from participating states will compete at Nationals with first place receiving a $1,000 scholarship.

Regionally, the Right to Life Oratory Scholarship Contest receives applications every February. All high school juniors and seniors are welcome to enter. For more information, go to www.rtlswin.org/scholarships.