Roberts Stadium to be Shuttered on September 17th


Parks Board Gives SMG 60 days Notice to Vacate the Stadium

Sources within SMG have advised the City County Observer that they have been given notice to vacate the building by September 17, 2011. The 60 day notice was served upon SMG officials as is consistent with their operating agreement.

Earlier this week we also learned that key pieces of the infrastructure of Roberts Stadium were being removed just after the upcoming Kenney Chesney concert making Roberts incapable of hosting any events.

The September 17th date to vacate will leave the City of Evansville without a functional stadium for approximately 6 weeks while the new Arena is going through the final construction phases. No plans have been released by John Kish with regard to where events that are presumed to be in the new Arena will be in case of any construction delays that may push the new Arena’s opening date beyond the current schedule.

Meanwhile no contractual arrangement with VenuWorks has been announced and no opening act has been booked for the new Arena.


  1. I know that someone had to get paid off in this deal..just WHY would you shut down a place like the Stadium, and move to a place that NO one wanted but the Mayor..also there not much parking..maybe we can move the Mayor and all the city offices to the Stadium and make the Civic Center into a parking lot..

  2. September 17th ? You kiddin’ me ? Where will I hold my Fall Party ? I’ve got the Beach Boys lined up !!

  3. Worst mayor the city has ever had. This is another slap in the face. He simply has to destroy Roberts Stadium.

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