Roberts Stadium Coming Down with Greenspace to Follow


Mayor Lloyd Winnecke today announced that his choice for Roberts Stadium in spite of the six possibilities for the stadium is the wrecking ball. In the short term arrangements will be made to demolish Roberts Stadium and the acreage will be turned into a green space.

No developer came forward with a proposal to fund any of the ideas that have been floated for Roberts Stadium even though it has been known for over a year that there were poosible opportunities available for interested parties. It is believed that the seats from Roberts will be used to replace the old seats at the Mesker Amphitheatre. It has not been disclosed when the $100,000 of painting and bleaching that are needed at Mesker will be done.


  1. Anyone not see this coming?

    So for the people who say that our mayor has vision and a plan, I’d have to agree, unfortunately it’s the very same vision and playbook our previous mayor used for eight long years….if anyone is counting this is to me “strike three” for Mr Winnecke and it only took him 6 months to accomplish a strike out!….it would seem the die is cast and our fate is sealed, sad….very sad.


    • Previous mayor? You mean he left? I don’t think so. He still has the Johnson Controls/Water Dept. contracts to shepherd through to fruition so Baker can make a big fat fee off of the bond issue.


      • A group of Arab terrorists burst into the conference room at the Ramada Hotel where the American Bar Association was holding its Annual Convention. More than a hundred attorneys were taken as hostages.

        The terrorist leader announced that, unless their demands were met, they would release one attorney every hour.


    • There were folks that asked to save Roberts Stadium but, didn’t get far. Several of us saw on the Internet that the information, pictures, etc. on the place was erased….possibly, they used a company to do that….it was hard to find info on the place….what about info for History folks. That starkly caught our attention on “their” plan. Anyway, the cost of this with maintenance, patrolling, taxes, insurance could have been done with a worthy group to look over the place and be responsible with the repairs and the upkeep. It was always denied on referrals in the past. So, someone has a reason to get rid of the place, pretty bad. A 20 year contract could have been done, get it off the town expenses for a good use.
      With the Ford Center being booked with just three main events in the fall and winter on the weekends, the Centre looks like it has tried to fill in that Money hole. I’m sure Owensboro, Kentucky, or even Newburgh or Mt. Vernon, Indiana, can look at this situation, and if they press forward with any mid market seating center, they can clean clocks on this. The Vanderburgh County can’t afford in one way and should afford to help the Coliseum to be a smaller venue use for shows and events–otherwise, who in the Region does it, will clean clocks. IMO. A sad day for the building, just have to wait and see how this Drama goes, again. We’ll see. Good Luck!

  2. BTW, did “fearlessleader” say anything about the cost of this demo;ition and restoration?


  3. Johnny and his thugs haven’t left town I saw the whole lot of them last Saturday at another trumped up Democrat side show caucus. The unions own the Democrat Party in this town. If anyone in that group thinks that they are the voice of the people they will find out when the Clerk’s office is open to a general election in 2015 . The rats have just found another hole to hide in.

  4. If Laura Brown, who won last weeks caucus but you wouldn’t know if you only read the CCO, does half as good of the job that Alberta did, she will be elected by the voters.

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