Roads to Voting Center Closed Disrupting Voting at St. Theresa


The City County Observer has learned that the voting center at the St. Theresa School Gym located at 700 North Herndon Avenue is having a very low turnout that is being blamed on barricades in the road that block the normal route that people take when going to St. Theresa.

No lines have been reported at the St. Theresa voting center all day and the wait has been continuously reported as Zero minutes.

The President of the Vanderburgh County Election Board Tom Massey and attorney David Kent are in route to investigate the complaint that was filed by Vanderburgh County County Commissioner Stephen Melcher who formerly represented the 3rd Ward on the Evansville City Council.


  1. Somebody doesn’t know what their talking about. As of 1 hour ago, St. Theresa was the 6th heaviest polling location in the city. Melcher needs to chill and check his facts.

    • There is some construction on Herndon where most people turn to get to St. Theresa. You just need to turn on the street just north of St. T. and you can get there easily.

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