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INDIANAPOLIS – Now that state regulators have decided to conduct an April 14 public hearing in Evansville on Vectren Energy’s proposed rate increase for natural gas customers, State Rep. Gail Riecken (D-Evansville) said today it is important for area residents to register their concerns about the proposal.


Officials with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) announced the agency will conduct a public field hearing on the Vectren request on April 14 at the Old National Events Plaza, 715 Locust Street. The hearing will begin at 6 p.m. local time.


“This is our chance to say something about the proposal, since both oral and written testimony will be accepted at the hearing,” said Riecken, who requested the field hearing back in February. “All of this testimony will be a part of the record of evidence the IURC is compiling before it makes its decision on the rate hike.”


Vectren is requesting the increase to pay for improvements to pipelines and other infrastructure. If approved, customers served by the utility in Southwest Indiana would pay gradually higher gas rates over a period of seven years, starting in 2015. The increase initially would be around $1 to $1.50 a month, then increase to around $13 to $14 more per month by 2022. Right now, the average customer pays about $570 a year for gas service.


“I am very concerned about the impact this increase will have on all of us, but my concern is particularly acute for older residents and those people on fixed incomes,” Riecken said. “I am pleased that the IURC has decided to come to Evansville to see how this move will affect customers, and I believe it is important for them to see what homeowners and families think about it. While IURC commissioners will not be allowed to answer questions during the hearing, we will have the chance to let them know how we feel.


“The most important thing is for people to take part,” she continued. “It would be best to come to the April 14 hearing, but there are other options available for public comment.”


Consumers who wish to submit written comments can do so through the Office of the Utility Consumer Counselor’s website atwww.in.gov/oucc/2361.htm or by mail, e-mail or fax:


Mail: Consumer Services Staff

Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor

115 W. Washington St., Suite 1500 South

Indianapolis, IN  46204


E-mail: uccinfo@oucc.in.gov


Fax: 317-232-5923


Written comments received by the close of business on April 21 will be filed with the Commission and included in the formal record. Comments should include your name, address, and a reference to IURC Cause No. 44429.


  1. How many times these hearings been held? Twenty, thirty years? Of that time how often has the decisions been made in accordance with the wishes of the public?

  2. Its the answer to the SABIC moves,I’d suspect. Can’t say that I would blame SABIC,they “are” vastly improving the Carbon signature of the MT. Vernon operation,as well as well as the local regions incremental signature overall.
    Global company driving an IURC decision? Carbon sequestration is a real aspect perimeter outside southwestern Indiana. The waves beginning to hit the local beach,so to speak. Good jobs forward is a guide point too policy I would hope too see in Indiana. Someone must create,install and maintain the systems,those are ongoing good jobs anyway its looked at progressively.

    “ut fit in mundo,”

    “as the world turns”

    • The “Carbon footprint” idea is just a scam; THREE TIMES NOW the people behind the seduction of the scientists have made up climate data, even reversing the trend of it, to make it more compelling.

      Climates change. That’s why we call’em climates, and not setpoints. Thinking we could change them back, even if we were large enough to change them by accident is a laughable charge.

      Let’s assing this, as well as GlobalWarming(TM) to what it’s really all about: greed. If other suppliers in the area can provide electricity at 4-5c/kwh, why does Vectren need 14?

      • Whenever I confront global warming deniers I never say 97% of scientists etc. I just ask them, do greenhouse gases like CO2 and methane trap heat or not?

        In 20+ years I have a 0% answer ratio from deniers.

        Some of them splutter and yammer about the climate has always changed and yada yada yada. Doesn’t matter, in fact if something else besides greenhouse gases is making the atmosphere and oceans warmer then that means we are in even more dire need to take action.

        ♪ Same as it ever was ♫

        Don’t worry the conners attorney’s will send the gases cease and desist letters that will show them.

        Oh I know we’ll have Joel Osteen pray it all away!

        Save us Jesbus!

        • Yes yes. Like all true scientists that say the earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old they want us to ignore all of that time expect the past few thousand years or whatever time frame the decide to pull out of their asses. Talk about intentionally ignoring data, that’s a whooping amount for a “scientist” to ignore.

          Of course, as always its all mans fault. I won’t bother to point out any blind spots in your religion since your fellow believers revile in the silencing of any apostates. So you can safely ignore the rest.

          They will go so far as to abuse a countries legal system for the assurance of silence. Now that’s a true sign of science and some have the gall to accuse religion of similar transgressions. I’d suggest you search out such activities but know you won’t, so this suggestion was never made.

          But for the moment lets live in your pony land who’s farts are void of CO2 and methane. Your proposal to fix this faux catastrophe is what? Any clue how much that will cost?

          I know perspective is a difficult thing when you wrap yourself into a religion but someone has made an honest attempt in that area;


          Your biggest problem is convincing intelligent and reasonable people your “climate models” are correct. They aren’t else your fellow believers would not need to endlessly tinker with their parameters to get the results they want. In other words, what is it now(?) climate change(?) a convenient choice of words by the way, this phenomenon is not based on empirical data attempts are made to cover up such deficiencies with “scary data“.


          Yes I know folks like you like to throw around a few incontestable facts like the sky is blue and pony land really does exist but those climate models like anything run on a computer will spit out garbage when given garbage data, that’s your problem. If the data sets were correct the past prophecies of doom would be to your credit and your fellow believers are running a debt.

          Edification appears to not be one of your strong suits and your clear disdain for anyone attempting to question the godhood of your so called pure science is a bit disgusting.


          • I don’t give a rat’s bottom about climate models!! Did I say anything about climate models!?????? No I didn’t.

            I asked if you accept that greehouse gases trap heat. Whether or not somebody saw evidence that OJ did it in their data or put some sightings of Elvis in their climate models is not the immediate question.

            So if you want to say hey look over there it’s a White Bronco then you’re being dishonest. So the question once again becomes, do greenhouse gases trap heat?

            It’s a really simple GD question!! Are you capable of answering it? Once we get that question answered then we can move on to the more difficult ones.

            If you don’t build the premise correctly then everything else is a nonsequitor like the post you just made.

            • Greenhouse gasses change the index of refraction of the earth’s atmosphere which alters the amount and angle of the sun’s rays that hit the atmosphere. Depending on the nature of the change of that index energy can be either increased or decreased as it passes into the earth’s atmosphere. There is no question that the actions of man have altered the index of refraction. We clearly have. The real question that should be asked is how does this compare to natural changes induced by things like volcanos, forest fires, etcetera. Most would conclude that when compared to volcanic damage to the outer atmosphere and of course the Chinese that the American contribution to this effect is pretty darn small. Nevertheless it is real and merits our attention. If Al Gore had been right we would all have been fried or baked by now though so don’t believe the severity of all that you see in the movies or hear from washed up politicians.

          • You may not care about climate models but its those very same models your religious brethren bow knee to as the most righteous of all predictions. Its those models they tout to support their doomsayer prophecies. Its those models they use to get people like you so frothed up that if you were an animal would be shot on sight for fear of rabies. Its those models they claim to be accurate but are not;


            So get with their program you heretic.

            What CO2 and methane do is not the issue, their ability to retain heat is a well known phenomenon. Apparently the Great Lakes did not get that memo and nearly froze over for the first time in 20 or so years. Neither did much of the country this last winter.

            The issue is the rabidness people like you have when a person questions your predictions of doom, even your response is indicative of the intolerance. The issue is the pretentiousness of using a handful of data points and trying to extrapolate the whole of the universe or rather in this case what the weather will be like x amount of decades down the road.

            You would have some credibility if some of your brethren predictions happened. But you and your brethren have a very bad average with accuracy but that’s OK because all your really after is control;


          • I’m more reminded of the quote from The Hunt for Red October, “you arrogant ass!! You’ve killed us!!

            These moronic jackasses are playing with fire on a high wire riding a trike without a net all the while cackling like a psycho “can’t prove it liberals dum de dum de do”.

            Yeah NFS! There is no control Earth, thanks for telling us!

            We know about the fallacy of affirming the consequent, but that fallacy doesn’t stop them from declaring chicago guns laws the cause of gun violence.

            These selfish prickks are going to get about half the planet killed if we’re lucky.

          • OH MY GOSH!!

            I bet Martha Crosley could find room for one more puppy.

            That is one Ultimate Maximo Visitor!

            My hat would come off to you, but I never wear one.

            ubi mel ibi apes

            Where (there is) honey, there (are) bees.

        • Never heard anyone mention this. Help me out.

          What are the total flown mileage per day of all planes on Earth. How much fuel is burnt every day? Does the exhaust stay, rise, or fall at that altitude of up to 5 miles up?

          How does this relate to our coal fired generators at several hundred foot smokestacks for the green house effect?

          Just wondering!

          • See where a total of 5 million barrels a day are burned in the sky. That’s 1.825 billion barrels a year!

            Still wondering the greenhouse effect on the planet alone?

          • First realize there is no man made carbon on planet earth. The carbons on earth including mankind were there before mankind. Mankind is converting the stored biomass carbons to greenhouse gasses.
            Its the carbons location through geophysical state offsetting the critical tipping point balance
            The number of aircraft isn’t a constant on any given day,some aren’t even logged so to speak. The fuel types are variable and the altitudes vary,as well as,the consumption rates,and engine discharges. Stratospheric jet stream conditions also create variations. Its the balance of the geophysical state of carbon dioxide,methane’s and other atmospheric gasses that is offsetting the global conditionals for the overall mean temperature affect being moved past an unsustainable global balance.
            I’d burn the entire night up going over each incremental cause and affect.

            The “global emissions” data “Climate Change” page the EPA put out is a real good start to understanding the science behind the research.


            The greenhouse gas warming and some other geophysical conditions under intense global research and study right now show the huge bone to swallow is clean water and sea level rise and the chemistry that that brings forth with it. Sea water acidity is really important as the sea surface life’s balance is seeing an negative affect from global climate change conditions.

            Its one of the leading ways planet earth naturally absorbs carbon dioxide.
            The Mt. top testing location Mauna Loa is a good testing point and focus study on the effects and the rising levels.

            Read up in wikipedia on C.David Keeling and his son Ralph who now continues his work.


            Actually if you go to the EPA page check out the clean water section. Climate ready water utilities(CRWU),watch the video on that page,this issue will affect your action plans before the costing for the Carbon sequestration does in Darmstatd.

            That location by the way ,is,and, can be affected by supplies from Evansville’s ESWU,as well.
            Having explored/researched that system there especially right at your tower, why the towns service there can’t completely breakaway is conceptually tough to understand. Politics?

            You have everything per location to build and supply clean water needs including quite a bit of additional growth to balance and sustain those supplies as very an outstanding banner project for sustainable clean water sourcing not available anywhere else in the metro.

            Sewer management is evolving forward as well,satellite locations system treatment isn’t off the map for communities like the different northern Vanderburgh legacy communities,and,they’re whole unit growth areas.

            EPA qualified Climate Change ready water systems would include such balanced operations forward, lowering the incremental loading on the ESWU incremental,also,its projected cost to meet specifications per mandated CSO events.

            This “should” release you all from the grip of mandates you,really,never have anything to do with for the incremental charge you might have today.

            ” Your bang, for, your bucks”. 😉

          • Left an answer,somewhat, however its awaiting moderation.
            The date on one of the web sites listed has / bars, missed them,suppose that’s the issue?

            Maybe they’ll list it anyway?


          • @V-R

            Went to EPA web site. Quick read verified that high altitude plane exhaust is many times harmful then ground exhaust that ties in greenhouse effect. Why is this not high lighted when greenhouse news makes the airways and print? Maybe because this could effect the higher income people?

          • Its probably skewed by the actual incremental balance,could be a minimal aspect condition per numbers in timing of incursions. I’ll check it out though.good point.

        • Brains Benton says:
          “Whenever I confront global warming deniers I never say 97% of scientists etc. I just ask them, do greenhouse gases like CO2 and methane trap heat or not?

          In 20+ years I have a 0% answer ratio from deniers.”

          You get no answers because no one wants to have to explain common sense to a crackpot kook like you, who seems to have issues with politeness and self control. Judging by your posts you are in need of serious counseling and should be avoided at all costs.

          • OK. It would be nice to hear from just one global warming skeptic to admit that greenhouse gases trap heat.

            Then we could have an honest debate about whether other factors were adding or subtracting to global climate change without going back to square one or down the logical rabbit hole of nonsensical arguments.

            I’ll wait.

  3. Vectren is flat out killing this area. Whoever lives here stays broke and industry won’t move here due to astronomical utilities. I don’t know how their executives sleep at night. At least they can’t take that money with them to hell, if it exists.

  4. Thanks Gail for getting this meeting scheduled in Evansville rather than Indianapolis as it should be every time the topic of the meeting is this location and Vectren.

    Is there an attorney our there that can tell me what is state law concerning relieving Vectren of its position as the monopoly in this area? Is there a direct route that the people can take to remove Vectren and replace them with a co-op type of situation? How about something like the “New Era” renewable energy company that Ferdinand is switching to? Does Vectren have a contract with the county or this geographic area that is of a certain duration?

    I am very concerned because with an Republican House and Senate and governor, and with Republicans standing for big business, and the IURC being an appointed body out of the governor’s office what shot do we have for change? I am not of either political party but I think that a balance of views forms a better government.

    Again, what options do the citizens have?

    I urge everyone to be at the April 14 meeting!!!!!

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