Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Canoe/Kayak Launch on Pigeon Creek



The Rotary Club of Evansville announced today that they will Cut the ribbonThursday October 24, 2013 at 11:30 am for the Canoe/Kayak Launch located at the south east quadrant of the Green River Rd bridge over Pigeon Creek.  County Commissioners Marsha Abell, Joe Kiefer and Stephen Melcher will be present to help break ground.  The ribbon will be sretched out across Pigeon Creek.  Several people involved with the project will canoe up to it to cut the ribbon (weather permitting).


The total project was funded by the Rotary Foundation of Evansville along with several community partners.  The location was secured with Vanderburgh County and the adjoining landowner.  Rotary’s goal with this project is to continue the restoration of Pigeon Creek as the vibrant recreational and cultural center of the City that it once was.  What is lacking now is access to the waterway itself.  Currently, there is only one public access ramp on Pigeon Creek which means the only takeout available is on the Ohio River.  Siting a public access ramp at the intersection of Pigeon Creek and Green River Road would open over six miles of this waterway to the residents of Evansville, bringing the opportunities for paddling, fishing & exploration within easy reach of local residents and visitors.


Some of the major contributors include:  Evansville Rotary Foundation, Alcoa, Welborn Baptist Foundation, Vectren, Bussing-Koch Foundation, Koch Foundation, Crescent –Cresline Wabash Foundation, Evansville Commerce Bank, Old National Bank, German American Bank, Meyer and Mulzer Stone.  The Schnepper family donated property.





For details about the Canoe/Kayak Launch or to find out more about donating to the project, visitwww.EvansvilleRotary.com or contact Rotary Executive Assistant Julie Spratt at 812-962-4687 or info@evansvillerotary.com .  For details regarding the ribon cutting ceremony, call Dianna Page at 812-480-1471 or dianna@evvairport.com .


  1. This is awesome! It’s also reasonable to think that one day this launch will connect into the greenway as well. It makes me so happy to see Evansville using the Pigeon as a park instead of just a creek to drain fields.

  2. I need to pay better attention because I thought that pitiful “improved” road had a road cut but never have noticed it being complete. I thought it was 10′ of concret to nowhere for future use.

  3. I hope the county commissioners and other dignitaries made it out Green River Washboard Expressway and back without losing any shocks, hubcaps, eye teeth, or having chunks of the Pigeon Creek Bridge abutments fall on their heads.

    • Wow GRRR: You can see that “compaction attraction” from space,using global orbital science. No need really,to further incrementally destroy the carbon foot print by driving out there.

  4. I appreciate the efforts but I’d much rather canoe at Bluegrass Lake than Pigeon Creek until they get the combined sewer problem fixed. I’ve been down Pigeon Creek several times and it can get flat out nasty. It really is sad because Pigeon Creek offers the best urban scenery in the entire city hands down.

        • A professional water quality study done a few years ago for the City of Evansville discovered that approx. 98% of the water pollution in Pigeon Creek comes into Vanderburgh County from Warrick and Gibson counties, and includes siltation from poorly controlled farm land run-off, agricultural chemical pollution, and e Coli from farm animal and human waste, all not associated with Evansville CSOs and Vanderbugh County urban development.

        • well. the creek branch ditch to the airport side up by the windmill gas station is rough,nasty smell alone might peal paint,what ever that is.

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