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rev brooksEditor,

I am writing to ask our community to just listen. The city council is a public forum where people come to watch our local legislative body carry out the business of governing our city. It is also a place where local citizens come to voice their concerns about the direction of our city.

On August 26, the Concerned Clergy went before city council so that members of the Evansville City Council could hear some of the citizen’s concerns relative to the Evansville Police Department. It was to allow citizens of Evansville to speak in a public forum about their interaction with the police.

It was an opportunity for the Mayor, Police Chief and city council members and citizens of Evansville to listen to the voices of people who felt like they have no recourse. The first three law abiding individual speakers had filed complaints with EPD Internal Affairs and were told either nothing could be done or were told nothing. The presentations made by others were not asked by the Concerned Clergy to speak but because this was an open forum they were allowed to voice their concerns as well. Most were critical of the treatment received by the police officers. Others called for those in the center city to do more to help themselves. I listened and learned.

It was an opportunity for the Police Chief without denigrating the rank and file to say I hear your concerns and we will continue to strive to do better. It was a time to listen to a group of taxpayers who want an acceptable level of courteous service.

Now here we are calling each other racist and bigots. The truth is that most of the complaints I have received came from white citizens. There is this pattern in this community to call principled people out of their names when you disagree. Listening to people is helpful because it makes us better. It should not make us bitter.

I am a Christian servant in the community. I believe that to make a difference in a community you must serve whenever the opportunity is given. I could pretend that our community is a utopia and not speak truthfully about its problems. The fact is that if we want a better community then you have to work toward that goal. That means sometimes listening to what you may not want to hear.

I was talking to an elderly Christian gentleman years ago and he offered me some constructive criticism that I did not want to hear. Initially it hurt my feelings but I took his advice and it served me well.

There are few people in the community that have been as supportive of the police as I have. I was disheartened by the request made by the FOP, but I listened to their conversation and I made a decision to continue to serve on the Police Merit Commission. The FOP has a right to speak their minds, but is it wrong for those who pay their salaries to not be able to speak as well?

I would encourage our entire community to do what Detective Larry Nelson; president of the FOP encouraged me to do. Mr. Nelson said I should look into the mirror of my soul. I think we all should take his advice.

I did that Mr. Nelson, in 1968 and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. I accepted the call to preach in 1980. It is because of my salvation experience that I have sought to mentor, house, educate, and redevelop the center city while pastoring, and providing support to my family. I looked in the mirror and felt the need to help the poor and to give voice and hope to the disinherited in our city. I looked in the mirror and I saw a need to serve on civic, not-for-profit and corporate boards of directors. Whether I am on the police merit commission or not, I have served and I will continue to serve. This is what I was called by God to do. I would strongly encourage you the FOP to heed the scripture warning in I Chronicles 16:22 and Psalms 105:15.

Finally, if you listen to the created voicemail presented by the FOP, you will hear an invitation to speak from your heart. It is my hope that our community will grow from this present moment. All we have to do is listen and strive to do better. So that someday a Providential voice will commend all of us who have served well. That will be the day when you hear, “Well Done Thy Good and Faithful Servant.”

Until then, let’s just listen and serve!

Rev, Adrian M. Brooks, Sr. 605 Canal Street Evansville, IN 47713

Posted by CCO without opinion, bias or editing.


    • Your letter was well written, EXCEPT that you failed to chastise Ms. Robinson for her obviously bigoted statement about her seeing black and white, referring to herself and Chief Bolin. When I see a city policeman or state trooper, I see BLUE. When I see a Sheriff, I see brown and tan.

      You as a community leader are in the perfect position to point out that she acted as a bully in the way she pointed out that SHE, as council president, was in charge. I suggest that you point this out to her – in a private conversation. Yes, she acted as a bully.

  1. Finally, I’ve found something I agree with Wayne Parke on. This is a good letter and I concur with its contents.

    The police Chief has a clear opportunity here to turn back the tide of separateness some citizens feel toward their police force. I suggest he find a way to listen to concerns and remember the police force is there to serve the people.

  2. I, too agree it is a well written letter. I have known Adrian since the 5th grade, been to his church, and have no doubt that he is a man of God. However, I think he should resign the Merit Board position. I think he should speak to Mr. Madison about his use of the “F” bomb. He should have had another person from his church represent him at the City Council meeting to voice his concerns about the police department. I believe he had a conflict of interest being on the Merit Board, and participating in the City Council meeting.

    • Excellent video, Mr. Parke. I liked the parts about self-reliance and economic independence, but I especially like the part about true freedom:

      “Sometimes I wonder if the word “freedom” is tossed around so frequently in our society that it has become a cliche. idea of freedom is complex and is all-encompassing. IT’S THE IDEA THAT THE ECONOMY MUST REMAIN FREE OF GOVERNMENT PERSUASION…”


      Maybe this guy should move to Evansville and be our Chairman. 😉

  3. I, too think this was a well composed and thought out letter. I can’t say I disagree with any of it.

    However, Rev., you made this personal. You crossed the line from un-biased professional to a personally biased citizen. You can no longer represent the EPD as the biased you exhibited will show as stink on every future merit board decision you are involved with.

    Every past decision must now be re-evaluated. Did your personal bias show in those votes? I’m sure one or more officers are viewing their options right now.

    How can you preside over a board that hires, awards, promotes, demotes, and fires any officer when you are admittedly against them? How can they ever expect trust and respect from you?

    They can’t, you must step down.

  4. The Reverend has shown again what little integrity he has. The voicemail in question was the Rev telling George what his comments should consist of. That IS coaching. The Rev should be unbiased on all issues concerning EPD, and has proven he cannot be, and should resign from merit commision. I also find it interesting that the head of the Pubs comes to support the Reverend. It is well known that the Rev and outa control Constance have been long Dem supporters. Oh, I mean before they turned on that party and put it to Rick Davis, for fear her gravy train may end. Just a thought, the FOP may needs to investigate these two and Weesy for corruption in our city. There was definetly a reason for the vice-chair of the Dems to risk alot by turning in the last weeks of the last Mayorial election.

  5. Rev Brooks should NEVER have called George Madison on the phone and said anything to him regarding this matter since Rev Brooks is on the Police Merit Commission. From the sounds of the tape, this probably wasn’t the first time they “had discussed” what was going to happen. Rev Brooks must step down along with Connie. The evening it went to the Council Meeting – is when it became racial – and George, Rev Brooks and Connie and the ones who have made this racial.

    It’s far too late to tell us to “listen”. We “listened” the evening of the Council Meeting. You let all your “friends” speak, but when someone wanted to speak for the EPD – you shut them down quickly. Perhaps during the Sept 9 meeting – alot of the people who have had “positive” run in’s with the EPD should show up and speak. Wonder if Connie would allow each and every one of these people to speak? Highly doubtful.

    Let’s also speak now about the post that George Madison put on his facebook page shortly after the City Council Meeting that stated: AND THE WINNER FOR QUOTE OF THE WEEK GOES TO “DRUM ROLL……..DANNY THOMAS FOR HIS RENDITION “6 PIECE COMBO”. And George followed this remark with a “lol and a smiley face”…….

    This remark made by Mr. Thomas was referring to him beating the crap out of a officer and everyone knows it. But for Mr. Madison to “award the winner of this quote” is disgusting to me! And to do it so publicly – tells me that Mr. Madison thinks he’s above all. He’s a minister? He’s working with children? He is a EFD Firefighter? He’s pleaded from day 1 how he was so afraid, lost sleep, didn’t want to make this racial, etc etc etc. But he wrote this on his facebook and added “laugh out loud with a smiley face”..

    Wonder what Rev Brooks and Connie has to say about this facebook post?

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