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Residential Burglary and Arson Arrest Made

On Friday, May 29th at approximately 3:28a officers were dispatched to 4506 Covert Avenue in reference to a possible burglary in progress. Upon arrival officers found a fire burning inside the attached garage at the address. The initial officers were able to control the fire until the Evansville Fire Department arrived to extinguish it completely. While officers were still on scene a subject called Central Dispatch claiming to be responsible for the fire at 4506 Covert Avenue. He identified himself to the dispatcher as Shaun R. Mitchell as welling as stating where he currently was. He told dispatch he wished to turn himself in for setting the fire. He also supplied the dispatcher with his clothing description.

Officers went to Mitchell’s location and took him into custody. Mitchell stated that he had been drinking. On his way home he decided to go by the location of the recent “police standoff”. He said he was a “dog lover” and that his mother had taken dogs to the “doggy daycare” that had been the subject of recent news stories.

Mitchell said he had been outside and witnessed much of the recent “police standoff”. He said he felt compelled to damage the residence at 4506 Covert Avenue. He stated he wanted to burn it to the ground. He first attempted to get in the front door. Mitchell eventually gained access to the garage. Once inside the garage he began looking for flammable items. He found a can of carburetor cleaner. He then sprayed the carburetor cleaner on clothing that was located in the garage. He then used a lighter he had on his person to ignite the clothing and catch it on fire. Mitchell said the initial flames burnt hair on his hand. Once Mitchell could tell the clothing was on fire he left the garage and returned to his vehicle. He then drove home. He then walked back to the area a short time later. Mitchell saw the police and fire units on scene and then called Central Dispatch to claim responsibility for his actions.

Mitchell was arrested and charged with Residential Burglary (Level 4) and Arson (Level 4). Case Number: 15-11373.


  1. I wonder how much an effect someone’s facebook posts and ACCUSATIONS toward Jason Pollard and his family had on this guy’s desire to get revenge.

    According to Gary Pollard the lady next door to him has stalked him at times. This feud went on for ten years and finally escalated to this arson fire and burglary. I sure hope for her sake that the owner of the O’Hare’s dogie day care doesn’t have any conversations on her facebook chat with this Arsonist. She may have set him off by her posts about the house and people next door. This is why people don’t post or allow their real names and addresses to be posted in public. You never know what some “nut-case” out there will do to retaliate.

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