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Republican Chairman Wayne Parke’s Letter to the Editor


Democrat Rick Davis appears to be running out of momentum. On Sunday the Courier & Press endorsed Lloyd Winnecke as a “proven leader” and its choice Mayor of Evansville. The Courier also noted that Rick Davis is running a one-issue, negative campaign – funded almost entirely by the Indiana Democratic Party. Davis will do his best to vilify Winnecke in an attempt to fire up a Democratic base that isn’t overwhelmingly excited about Davis himself.

It’s no surprise that Democrats are even frightened by Davis. As reported by various media outlets, one of his strongest supporters and a possible candidate for police chief, Sgt. Rick Hubbard, called in for the arrest of one of Davis’s Democratic critics at the Fall Festival parade for a minor traffic warrant. Hubbard had not made an arrest in 7 years (and he didn’t hang around for this one even though he called it in), and given that over 7,400 minor traffic warrants exist, this kind of arrest in the middle of a busy parade is certainly unusual.

Hubbard claims not to have targeted the critic and was merely tipped off to the warrant by “an unknown subject,” yet Hubbard knew enough to refer to him by a “derogatory term”. One of Davis’s family members even filmed the entire episode, knowing just the right moment and place it would occur.

Simply put, the evidence strongly suggests the arrest was questionable and politics at its worst. Apparently Rick Davis has a campaign team willing to use anything, including the alleged abuse of police powers, to get its way.

Evansville needs a new direction, but not the kind of change offered by Davis. We can’t afford to have city hall managed by a career politician whose campaign is full of negative attacks and questionable tactics. Instead, we need a proven leader with the experience, judgment and character we all expect in a public official. We need a leader who will focus on the future and bring more jobs to Evansville. That leader is Lloyd Winnecke.

Wayne Parke
Chairman, Vanderburgh Co. GOP


  1. Leadership?
    Took away the Welfare to work for single moms.
    Kept the Homestead information secret for a year.
    Voted against barganing rights for public safety workers.
    Member of the GAGE executive committee that lost well over $300,000. Ignored warnings that it was headed for financial disaster.
    President of the county commission that has done nothing to prevent the loss of millions of dollars of tax dollars. He never mentioned to the taxpayers that that much money was being lost, even when he was the minority on the commission.
    HUGE advocate of a consolidation plan that has not been proven to cut any costy to the taxpayers.
    Tonight, he will lead the vote in an insurance plan for county employees that will raise their premiums 9%, cut their benefits 10%, add up to $1,000 in dedcutables per family, and triple the co-pays. All while giving Old National Bank an estimated $100,000 to broker the deal.
    The word “vision” keeps getting used when referring to Winnecke. I think it is important to remeber that vision sees forward AND backwards. Winnecke has shown many things in his past actions. If these things bother you, than vote for Davis. If these things do not bother you, than Winnecke is the guy for you.

  2. Mr. Parke:

    Just a few questions for you:

    1) Is it a Republican or conservative principle to attempt to raise taxes without public input as the GOP nominee attempted to do in partnership with Weinzapfel?

    2) Do you personally consider Lloyd Winnecke to be a conservative?

    3) What exactly is this “new direction” you promise? It appears to many of us that the GOP nominee is promising “more of the same,” given his collaboration with the likes of Mark Owen, Connie Robinson, Curt John, the Mosby clan, Weinzapfel, and a host of other Democrat insiders.

    4) Is there any issue on which Lloyd Winnecke and Jonathan Weinzapfel disagree? All we know so far is that your candidate said he wouldn’t have entered the race if Weinzapfel were seeking re-election because he “agrees” with so much of the Weinzapfel agenda.

    5) Did it occur to you as you were writing your letter that roughly 60% of it was dedicated to a “negative attack and questionable tactic?” I believe its called irony. Either that or hypocrisy.

    6) Are you suggesting that people should vote for Lloyd Winnecke because a police officer briefly detained a Democrat official with a dangerous record of serial driving violations? Would Lloyd Winnecke continue the practice of holding local Democrat leaders “above the law?”

  3. I have to say that as a Republican and conservative, I am completly embarrassed by this letter.

    Reagan is rolling over in his grave.

  4. Lloyd Winnecke is NOT a leader, he is a follower. He has taken his direction from Jonathan Weinzapfel for the last eight years.

    If you would like to win an election some time Mr. Parke try running a true conservative republican instead of a socialist democrat in republican clothing.

    You can not rebuild your party with a democrat at the helm. In fact, it will just further divide the party.


  5. I like Mr. Parke but no way should Rick Davis be blamed for the whole Jarvis mess. That was created by one man, and one man only who failed to get a driver’s license and then appear in court. There is no defending those type of people.

  6. NONE of Rick’s family members recorded the events during Floatgate. That is an absolute LIE started by MARK OWEN hidden behind a screen name on the C & P blogs.

    STOP spreading lies. I was there. It didn’t happen.

    • One of the best things that could happen if Rick wins would be a public “outing” of all the pseudonyms that the Machine has used over the years to trash people on these forums.

      • While I agree….I am looking forward to the upcoming titles which I’m sure will generate a whole new crop of pseudonyms.


        Which will be followed hopefully by….


        Just to name a few……;)


        • Big question is: What will Johnny W. do with all that campaign cash that Vectren, Old National, the contractors, and the Indianapolis people have dumped in his coffers over the last few years.

          Politically, he’s finished. He has zero chance of ever winning a statewide election.

          Do you think he’ll just return it to the donors? Maybe send it all up to Dan Parker and the IndyDems?

          Or maybe he’ll donate it all to charity?

          It couldn’t be that he would pocket it himself, right? I mean that would be absolutely scandalous…

          • Honestly….I think he’ll just sit on the money for awhile, that money is political leverage for him next year in the presidential/governers races.

            While on the national level his close to a million dollars is chump change in the state election it could buy you a nice appointment in Indy.

            If he holds it long enough….he could run for another term as mayor here…naw, Eric Williams is inline for that next cycle in 4 years.

            Doubtful he’s stupid enough to try to pocket the money…that would be a very severe jail term if caught.


          • Blanger-

            Weinzapfel is despised by virtually everyone in his party outside of Evansville. He is regarded as a petty thug and political lightweight who cannot be trusted. It would take a lot more than a million bucks for him to buy his way back into their good graces.

            There are ways that he could pocket the money. He would have to be careful, and it would take time, but there are ways. Snegal ways.

            We’ll see what happens, but my guess is that mots of it will find its way into his personal accounts over time.

          • Oh I agree….but in retaliation for his deeds they could play him like a cheap fiddle, take his money, get him to move to Indy, give him a job…then fire his ass in a few months leaving him high and dry.

            Party politics are very dirty, and while our local group likes to play down the party unity stuff it’s taken very seriously elsewhere and retaliation for miss-deeds is all part of the process.

            Of course he could change sides….but he has a reputation of being tainted now, I doubt either party would do much but take him money, smile with a promise, then give him his burn notice.

            The sad part is the rest of the crew of 23 don’t realize that they have put themselves in the exact same boat flying the jolly roger…it’s a political death sentence.


    • GoCardinals did any of Davis family members know ahead of time that Jarvis had warrants or legal issues pending?

      • No. Alex Jarvis was never a topic of conversation. I would venture a guess that most of Rick’s family couldn’t pick Alex out of a line-up. Some know who he is, but most of them don’t.

        • By the way, have you ever met Julie’s dad? He’s the one MO said was filming everything. He’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. He would NEVER participate in the shenanigans of which he’s accused. Never.
          The cowardice MO showed by blaming Julie’s dad, while hiding behind an anonymous name, is just shameful.

          The Demo State Party can’t get down here soon enough!

        • I was thinking more of facebook message posted by guy named steve on jarvis fb wall about thing steve knew 2 or 3 weeks before fall festival.

  7. He should use some of the money to pay off these petty debts to Bauerhaus and The Centre.

  8. This letter is all over the place. Its like they are throwing darts at a hillside hopeful something happens. I guess if all the repubs talk about is some flim flam story about a valid warrant being served in public (nobody cares other than the guy who got clipped and then ran out to anyone with a news camera) then I guess they have nothing else to talk about.

    How about we talk about the $5.1 million secret meeting…or the fact that Brownfield Corp is dealing with its own cover-up or perhaps the welfare to work program that got nixed or even the fact that Winnecke has been a commissioner and council president and not one time issued a jobs plan for our community all the while Whirlpool closed.

    That would be leadership…

    All they talk about is some crybaby on a float and it’s getting real old. Nobody cares and nobody cares. Lets talk about something that will move Evansville forward. Jobs, Parks, Streets, Community and our future!

    • Personally, as a homeowner, I would have rather paid the average $55 more dollars the Homestead Act gives me so the city/county had some extra cash…

      …that would be assuming they would manage it more wisely than I.

      Secondly, seriously, go beat another dead horse. The ONLY issue any Davis-ite has on Winnecke IS the Tax credit thing, which was repealed and shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

      But then again, all Davis does is promote a negative agenda.

      Thank you Mr. Parke for standing up to this bologna. Personally I see Rick Davis as another “Bad Apple” for Evansville. I base that solely off the uneducated followers he has.

      You know a candidate by who serves them…

      • The ONLY issue any Davis-ite has on Winnecke IS the Tax credit thing, which was repealed and shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

        Your kidding right?
        Repealed or not the fact that it took place behind closed doors is just wrong.

        Have you seen Whiney Jrs commercials lately?
        Typical negative mudslinging politics.

      • Perhaps you should get your “I am so sorry” hat on sir. I personally know many Davis supporters that have post grad educations. Two such people live in our house, one Dr. and one MS.

        What I would agree with is that neither of the candidates have had a chance to show the true scope of their personally or the broad spectrum plans they have for Evansville. In truth, such plans develop, change, and grow quickly and creatively when one gets in office and learns every minute of every day about the city, the money, the people, and the circumstances that were inherited with the job.

        What has hampered the candidates and the public from learning about the candidates and the issues is all the side drama that both parties and fringe factions have yelled and stomped about. That is truly the bad apple crowd in Evansville today. These destructively rude individuals should hide in shame for their behavior.

        • Either candidate is at least better than Weinzapfel.

          Both are fighting for a very tough, scrutinized position in this conflicted city.

          I feel sorry for whoever wins.

      • LOL – you’re a conservative who would rather pay MORE TAXES so the city can have “some extra cash”?

        Sounds like you’re not a conservative at all in my opinion.

        Also Winnecke has run more negative tv ads than Davis.

        The only question you need to ask yourself is – where is their allegiance? Winnecke’s is obviously with the good-ol-boy democrats who endorse him. Davis’s is not.

        Are you really a conservative? You dont sound like one. A real conservative can spot a RINO this blatant from a mile away.

  9. There can be no escaping the fact that a Davis Administration would be nothing less than a Thugocracy in which friends of the regime break the law regualarly wih impunity, and citizens with unpaid parking fines go to jail.

  10. “There can be no escaping the fact that a Davis Administration would be nothing less than a Thugocracy in which friends of the regime break the law regualarly wih impunity, and citizens with unpaid parking fines go to jail.”


    Dr John….do you really believe this is true?

    Please help me understand, who are the criminal friends of Mr Davis who have committed crimes yet go unpunished? the DCC? they are no friends of the Davis campaign and have activity worked against him and support Mr Winnecke…which would make them his friends right?

    As to citizens with unpaid parking tickets? What are you talking about? Jarvis? he had a FTA warrant for driving without a valid drivers license, no parking tickets are involved….and BTW Jarvis works for the DCC which I’ve just established is a friend of Mr Winnecke.

    As to Thugocracy….yep the DCC wishes they could make that claim, but sadly they fall short once again…have you not been paying attention?

    I respect your right to support whoever you like, but please pay closer attention to the facts and issues….is that kool-aid cherry or grape?


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