Report ranks Indiana near the bottom of best states for retired veterans


Report ranks Indiana near the bottom of best states for retired veterans

    • By Sydney Byerly,
    • Nov 17, 2023

Maybe you posted something on social media or sent a text to the veterans in your life in recognition of Veterans Day this weekend. But did you know Indiana ranks in the bottom half of a list of best states for military retirees?

The Hoosier state comes in 34th, based on WalletHub’s study, which compared all 50 states and the District of Columbia on 28 metrics. It found that “typically red” states have more veterans per capita and are typically more friendly towards veterans.

Of the three biggest factors that Wallethub took into consideration for its ranking, Indiana came in 20th for economic environment, 43rd for quality of life and 32nd for health care.

VA Claims Insider, a company that helps veterans seeking disabled status and benefits find physicians for medical exams, also said Indiana is one of the most difficult states for veterans to live in due to a lack of employment options and access to health care. The Hoosier state also has few VA locations compared to other states—only 18, despite 8% of the population being veterans, according to VA Claims Insider.

“Indiana is also fairly average as far as additional benefits for veterans go,” VA Claims Insider reported. “However, despite having a large amount of veterans by percentage, Indiana lacks the infrastructure of veteran care that some states with even smaller veteran populations have.”