Report: Louisville, Jefferson County merger fails to deliver, No job growth seen for Louisville



“The 2003 merger of Louisville and Jefferson County governments has failed to bring more jobs and economic development to the city, according to a University of Louisville report published this month. The city-county merger also has failed to bring a more efficient government to residents, according to the report, by urban and public-affairs professor Hank Savitch.”

“The report claims economic development “has not accelerated but moved downward” and that the decline cannot be blamed on the economy. “The decline is not just a product of the national recession that began in 2008, but had beset post-merged Louisville while the nation was in the midst of economic growth,” the report says.”

“Savitch’s report says promises of a more efficient government also fell short. He writes that the cost of running metro Louisville is not substantially different from the combined costs of running separate city and county governments.”

“”Whatever might be said about Metro Louisville’s performance, it would be difficult to claim that merger saved the new government any money,” the report says.”|topnews|text|News


  1. This is really sick. The CP has this study on the failure of the Louisville merger on the Gleaner site but it is no where to be found on the Courier Press site. This is flatly irresponsible for the CP to keep this information away from the people of Evansville. Thank you CCO! Not only does the CCO have to keep a corrupt government honest they have to take the mainstream media to task too.

  2. The Evansville/Vanderburgh Merger Plan IS a “Con Job”, put forth by the Political “Cons” to grab more Power and Money, —and Nothing Else.

  3. The only consolidation plan for Vanderburgh County that has a snowball’s chance in Hell of benefitting the taxpayers involves the City of Evansville ripping its charter to shreds and Fed Exing it to Indy. The City of Evansville is a thoroughly and unabashedly corrupt enterprise that must be destroyed as soon as humanly possible. Vanderburgh County has all of the resources that the people of Vanderburgh County need. Thus the City of Evansville is, by its very nature, redundant and unnecessary.

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