Rep. Sullivan’s first bill passes out of committee



STATEHOUSE – House Bill (HB) 1286 authored by State Representative Holli Sullivan (R-Evansville) passed out of the Roads and Transportation Committee today with a unanimous vote and will now go to the full House for further discussion.

HB 1286 requires the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), the Indiana Finance Authority and Purdue University to provide annual reports to the joint study committee on transportation and infrastructure assessment and solutions.

“This is a simple bill, centered on government transparency,” said Rep. Sullivan. “The information gathered from these reports will give legislators on the study committee better insight into the needs of our transportation systems in Indiana. To great effect, this was practiced in last year’s summer study committee with the BMV and INDOT. I’m pleased to see this legislation garner bipartisan support in the committee, and I look forward to moving this bill through the House. ”

According to the Build Indiana Council, this bill also gives the agencies mentioned a better idea of what information could be most useful to the study committee.


  1. Sullivan’s vote to let the rabble vote on gay marriage in Indiana will be the legacy of her short appointed stay in the legislature.

      • Sure!

        Nothing proves your fine christian bona fides more than being a cowardly bigot by going into to the safe guilt free confines of the voting both to vote for an unconstitutional referendum that takes away the civil and constitutional rights of people you don’t even know because you have a sick deep seeded need to prove your moral superiority to the world.

        How does that work? I mean since you want to prove you moral superiority to the world why not do it in public for everybody to see instead of doing it like a coward?

      • Are you going to appreciate it enough to do anything more for Rep. Sullivan than vote for her? Will you give money, knock on doors, make phone calls? Do you even live in her District so you can vote for her?
        I think that Ms. Sullivan is going to be surprised that her District includes enough moderate Republicans and Democrats to defeat her in Nov.!

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