Rep. Sullivan’s first bill passes out of both chambers



STATEHOUSE – House Bill (HB) 1286 authored by State Representative Holli Sullivan (R-Evansville) has now passed out of both chambers of the Indiana General Assembly.

HB 1286 requires the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), the Indiana Finance Authority and Purdue University to provide annual reports to the Joint Study Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Assessment and Solutions regarding the condition of Indiana’s transportation network and infrastructure.

“As the Crossroads of America, we need to continue setting a precedence of high standards and constant improvement for our roads and bridges and everything in between. This legislation will help us continue improving Indiana’s transportation systems,” said Rep. Sullivan.

“The timely, detailed, relevant data gathered from these reports will greatly help the study committee make headway on their endeavors over the interim. Having a top-notch infrastructure system leads to job creation, economic development, and much more.”

The annual reports will be submitted by August 1 of 2014 and 2015.

This legislation is effective immediately upon enactment.


  1. Beamed,to Indianapolis,vs beamer’ed to,indianapolis.

    Were gonna have to speed our “beaming process” to outrun the beamers,I suppose.
    Progress in the infrastructure should begin at the restrictive commerce throughputs,as, applied by “pinch points” such as southwestern indiana,s evansville east to west throughputs.
    Lynch road to Warrick from “Posey”,through vanderburgh northwest along diamond ave, and the “State Hwys” with “true” east west throughput passage.
    Accesses to the University Parkway and USI,IVY Tech,unrestricted,then work that northwest to I-64 through Posey towards New Harmony.
    This connects the I-69 intersectional for “maximum commerce transportation throughput forward”* on a true Nationwide application, as well.
    Which BTW,should work the Warrick corridor just east of the Newburgh dam for a “new dual/state/national Ohio river bridge” for best application forward for new bridge construction,also as seen from,afar,Google that geez…unseen goldmine,next to Alcoa’s operations. Really good area for logistical commerce developments forward,both Indiana,and Kentucky (psst..sustainable, metro growth*)

    “Actual,Tri-State,and Nationwide throughput infrastructure” set and moved forward,for cost and “efficiency ratios”, per regional “bang for your bucks”.

    ….”pontem munus servat emergunt.”

    “keeps heads above water….bridge function.”

    Note; To bad that Lock & Dam didn’t include a “tunnel passage” over/under the river,meep! meep! the Road Runner wouldn’t have to deal with seasonal weather or ice on the bridge either….blistering passages,out runs the coyote,as well as his box of same old acme “stuff.”

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