Rep. Bacon responds to the Indiana Supreme Court ruling on Rockport

Ron Bacon
Ron Bacon


State Representative Ron Bacon (R-Chandler) issued the following statement in response to the Indiana Supreme Court case of Indiana Gas Company Inc. and Southern Indiana Gas and Electric Company vs. the Indiana Finance Authority and Indiana Gasification, LLC:


“As a state representative serving southwest Indiana, I believe the Supreme Court’s ruling on the proposed coal-to-gas plant at Rockport is good for our community. I have always felt that a contract is a contract and should be upheld.


“This is an important economic development project in southwest Indiana, and I hope that Governor Pence will continue his track-record of job creation and encourage Leucadia to stay and continue their work.”




  1. We have a glut of natural gas now, and it is predicted that it will increase in years to come.

    Why, Rep. Bacon, do you think it is a “good” thing to lock Hoosiers into paying higher than market natural gas prices now and in the future?


  2. And while we are discussing this Ron, just who are the principal partners in Indiana Gasification LLC?


    • glut:

      noun: glut; plural noun: gluts

      an excessively abundant supply of something.
      “there is a glut of cars on the market”
      synonyms: surplus, excess, surfeit, superfluity, overabundance, superabundance, oversupply, plethora More


      • what you do not understand key at any time this glut surplus overabundance whatever can simply be stopped by not drilling or sold over seas to cause the price to necessarily sky rocket………so this is a great inflation fighter with are own indiana clean coal……..if vectren is fighting it i have no doubt it is good for consumers……MR. Bacon you are right on right on…….

        • So your argument is that we have to be locked into higher natural gas prices now, because in the future the producers might manipulate the market to artificially drive up the prices?

          Come on, you can do better than that.


          • who said we was going to be paying more now……sounds like good ole competition…….using indiana clean coal…….why eliminate our number one energy source when you can make it better…….around 95% of indianas energy comes from coal…….just maybe vectren could see this plant as the first assault on their monopoly……..

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