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    By David Bossie

    A federal court stopped President Obama’s amnesty order dead in its tracks on Tuesday, agreeing with a majority of the states that it is patently unconstitutional for a president to simply declare that he won’t enforce laws he doesn’t like. 

    The court put an immediate hold on Obama’s amnesty, saying that the states would suffer “irreparable harm” if millions of illegals were granted legal status by Obama. Judge Andrew Hanen said that “the genie would be impossible to put back in the bottle” if Obama’s amnesty were allowed to be fully implemented. 

    The judge’s ruling came down in the nick of time, as illegal immigrants were set to start applying for amnesty this week. 

    It is refreshing to see that there are federal judges committed to rising above political noise by defending the Constitution and the rule of law. As was recognized in the order, President Obama has usurped his authority and decided to violate the Constitution by granting amnesty to illegal immigrants despite Congress refusing to change the law. 

    In our system of government, it is the Legislative Branch that makes the law and the Executive Branch that enforces them. No president is empowered to make their own law just because they happen to disagree with certain language in our books of law that doesn’t fit in with their dangerous liberal agenda. 

    Liberals have been trying for years to get amnesty passed. Time and time again conservatives have stopped them, insisting that the federal government needs to enforce our existing immigrations laws and do its constitutional duty by securing the border. 

    Now, President Obama thinks he no longer has to respect the Democratic process and can simply grant amnesty all by himself.  If this week’s court case is any guide, there’s hope that more federal judges will disagree with him.  Grassroots conservatives across the country and Republicans in Congress must take this ruling as an opportunity to fight Obama tooth and nail to prevent him from destroying the Constitution and establishing an undemocratic regime of never-ending presidential power grabs. 

    An executive with unchecked power was the very thing the Founding Fathers fought against.  If Congressional Republicans do not stand up and fight there’s no telling what Obama could do next.   We should all be very concerned.


    1. Of course republicans want to keep them here illegally. It keeps their costs lower.

    2. An executive with unchecked power………. current and past Evansville mayors?
      Could apply to Wall street, CEO’s, etc, in the business world as well.

      The executive branch has their powers.
      The legislation branch has theirs.
      The judicial theirs.

      Between the three watching over each other, it is suppose to work!

    3. I think that a reasonable compromise is at hand. For every three immigrants who want to work hard and become Americans, we will export one mom’s-basement-dwelling member of the American lumpenliberaltariate to the socialist dictatorship of his dreams. Venezuela or Cuba may need some fresh blood among their community organizers.

      • You little POS. Your a damned perfect example of what’s wrong with America today. You goddamned bigoted piece of crap.

    4. It’s “you”re” V, not “your”.

      Strange seeing this come from the master wordsmith.

      Grampa always said that profanity is an attempt by a feeble mind to express itself forcibly. He was right !

    5. In addition to provisions for the exchange of one mom’s-basement-dweller member of the liberallumpenlazytariate for three hard-working immigrants, I think that a similar exchange of clinically insane potty-mouthed liberal ignoramuses could be justified as well.

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