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  1. Just an FYI. I went back and read the CCO postings earlier in the week re: the Tax Bill currently under consideration in the Senate and House. My points were to mention that (it is hypocritical) that Trump is promoting this tax bill as though it helps clean the swamp, that it helps the working man and gives tax relief to the home-owning middle America.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.
    In fact, what it does is eliminate home mortgage deductions for middle American homeowners, it eliminates tax credits for families, it eliminates the ability of families to deduct health care costs, including elder care costs for senior care. All of these items RAISE taxes on the home-owning working family.

    But for Corporations with strong lobbying arms? (the so-called Swamp)
    It reduces their corporate tax rate from 35% to 20%.

    Former CCO Editor Joe Wallace? Joe chimed in with something akin to “Well, while that is true, that is best for the country.” You would expect Joe to say that. Joe is a Corporate Business Leader. And it is true that reasonable people might disagree on this subject.

    But JoeBiden? His response to this discussion on the Tax bill under consideration? It was, “well that Adler is for Antifa and the liberals.” Which is total bullshit. But what JoeBiden is talking about? This is like a white nationalist race thing. It has to do with the Charlottesville white nationalist race riot.

    TOTALLLY unrelated to the Tax Bill, of course. JoeBiden’s response to tax bill discussion is race riot stuff?

    What it does tell us is that JoeBiden, and other Trump fans in here do not, DO NOT, give a damn about Trump’s promises to drain the swamp, or Trump’s promises to reduce taxes for the working man. JoeBiden’s response proves his agenda with Trump?

    Everything, including raising taxes on the working family to fund a tax cut for Corporations – IS ACCEPTABLE cause his primary focus? White race issues. What I read from this JoeBiden guy in here is he has no other agenda folks.

  2. the commie lib james carville……….drag a 100$ bill through a trailer park and reg/debbie will show up………….is it true that this is disgusting………….

  3. Mr. Adler, you are direct and effective. thank you.

    Uh…..Flynn is cooperating with the Special Counsel investigating if Trump has been lying.
    Bang, bang, banging on those nails. It’s not a coffin. No Trump today. Not even any tweets.
    He’s noticing those nails and is worried.

  4. Looks like bernie sham/band sham/……………is without a doubt still drinking from the Fake news bottle……………..time to see a shrink ………sham……………

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